3Gen Elections

Voting for Methodist Youth Reps 2021/22 opens on Monday 22 November and closes at midnight on Sunday 5 December.

Children and young people aged 8 - 23 who attended 3Generate 2021 are eligible to vote. You will need the unique code number from your 3Gen wristband (a reminder of your code will also be sent to your leader in an email)! 


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Methodist Conference Rep candidates

There are 3 places available, and 5 candidates. You can vote for 3 of the candidates for Conference Rep below.

Bethan Harland: I would be very excited to represent the young people of the Methodist Church right at the heart of decision making and continue to be an outspoken voice for the issues that matter most to us. This opportunity to work with the wider Methodist Church at the Conference is particularly exciting as it is a moment when a vast range of experiences and perspectives come together. As a non-binary young person, I believe that I could bring a fresh perspective to these conversations. It would be an honour to be elected to this role so I would do my best to support the Church and to continue to advocate for the issues that matter most to young people.
Watch Bethan’s video here.

Matthew Hays: I am excited to have my say on crucial issues affecting the Church, raring to listen to God’s voice and speak it out to the country. Many of you share this passion too; I want to listen to your views on the future of our Church and make them heard across the network. Connecting with other Christians will be so much fun! Travelling to new places and engaging with different people will broaden my horizons, especially in how to live out my faith. Having attended Conference last year, I shall step out feeling more confident to share our message with the Church. God has gifted me with ears to listen – working with a youth charity last year presented the chance to hear from many children and young people. I hope my gift of writing will help when crafting the 3Gen report to Conference: another way to get your voices heard. 
Watch Matthew's video here.

Iraj Irfan: I’m an 18 year old student from South Wales, who is passionate to make a difference in the Church. I believe that it is very important for young people to get involved in the decision making of the Methodist Church. We are the future, and we should have the opportunity to help decide what this future looks like. In the past, I have worked closely with the Welsh Parliament to oppose the removal of worship in schools. This is one example which demonstrates that I am someone who is not afraid to stand up for my faith. I value the inclusion of everyone and aim to make their perspectives heard. Being a Youth Rep I am excited to listen to young people in the Church, and at the Methodist Conference I would like to be their voice - especially those who feel marginalised and unheard.
Watch Iraj's video here.

Martha Rand: I am excited about being a Conference Rep because I enjoy public speaking. I also love being a part of an important decision-making body in the Church, creating real change and representing young people in an environment dominated by older people. I have attended Conference previously, where I have given speeches and even proposed a successful notice of motion, where a member of Conference brings a suggested change in the Church to be voted on by the Conference. This led to the Church removing its investments in fossil fuel companies. I am passionate about many issues discussed in the Church including LGBTQ+ rights, the climate crisis and increasing the accessibility of church leadership roles to young people. I hope you will elect me so I can speak up on those and other issues at this year’s conference.
Watch Martha's video here.

Joshua Williams: What excites me about about being a Youth Rep is serving the Lord Jesus Christ and being one of his people.
Joshua's video will be posted soon.

Methodist Council Rep candidate

There is one place available, and one candidate. This person is therefore appointed to this role.

Eleanor Dixon: Having been brought up in a Methodist church (Swindon) and subsequently finding Methodist churches during my undergraduate (Liverpool) and postgraduate (Edinburgh) studies, I have experienced a range of worship styles, church communities and viewpoints. Along the way I have met people who have inspired and challenged my faith. Given the opportunity, I feel these experiences would facilitate me in bringing a balanced and honest narrative of what younger Methodists feel and believe. Having also been a church steward between the ages of 16-18, I understand the complexities and privilege of being part of a decision-making process. We are at a very exciting but challenging time of change in the life of the Methodist Church, such as embracing same-sex marriage and fighting for climate justice, to name a few.  I am excited and humbled at the opportunity to represent younger Methodists across the UK as a Council Rep.
Watch Eleanor's video here.

Digital Rep candidate

There is one place available, and one candidate. This person is therefore appointed to this role.

Daud Shaukat: What excites me about the Digital Rep role is that it fits perfectly within my skills, interest, and capabilities. Working with computers, technology, and social media is a passion as well as my future career goal. With my three years of customer experience – communication, handling needs/wants, customer journey consideration is effortless for me. Having completed a social media course as part of my college study has provided me with the skills and knowledge to generate and create engaging and interactive online presence for a brand/company. In terms of what I can bring to the table – I am skilled at using computers/devices as well as social media for business tools for engagement. I will come up with different engagement methods for children and young people and generate and grow online presence. Being an IT student - experience and motivation show my interest in the digital engagement sector for social media engagement and interaction.
Watch Daud's video here.

Agents of Change Rep candidates

There are 3 places available, and 3 candidates. These people are therefore appointed to this role.

Daniel Onyett: I want to be an Agents of Change Rep because I want other young disabled people to feel included, in church and everywhere else. Lots of disabled people, including me, have felt excluded during the pandemic because they don’t have the confidence to get online or pick up the phone – there’s a lack of positive messages about getting online and communication. I am impressed with the work of All We Can and I would like to get to know more about what they do. I have done the One Opportunity Internship and I have really enjoyed it. I became a member this autumn and would like to do more for the Church. I also volunteer as a Sunday steward in my church.
Watch Daniel’s video here

 Luca Barwick Plant: The role of an Agents of Change Rep excites me because I am passionate about making everyone feel they have a place in the Church, and that they feel comfortable no matter what gender, race, age, sexuality or disability. I believe through God’s eyes we all look the same, by that I mean He doesn’t see those things as setting us apart, God treats and loves us all the same. As a disabled, transgender, queer Christian I know what it feels like to question your place in the Church, but through 3Generate I have discovered that I am just as valued by God as everyone else is. I don’t want other young people to feel the way I did, and would use this role to support, listen to and validate you. I want to make churches feel more inclusive and diverse, I believe young people can make this change happen.
Watch Luca’s video here

Hope Wild: This role excites me because I want to be more proactive in implementing change. I’m passionate about helping the environment and if everyone made little changes it would make a massive difference. I want to play a part in informing people of what changes they can make and how that would make a difference. Mental health awareness is crucial and I want to help others know that they don’t have to suffer in silence as well as creating an awareness of how to help a friend who is struggling. I am committed in all that I do, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the potential uses of social media. I also have experience organising projects as I run Preston's children’s clothing library which provides a place for people to recycle children’s clothing.
Watch Hope’s video here

Ecumenical Rep candidate

There is one place available, and one candidate. This person is therefore appointed to this role.

James Jenkins: I believe in all Christian denominations working together. I hope to be able to attend if invited, their equivalent to 3Generate. I have experience of a Methodist/URC Local Ecumenical Partnership in my home circuit and I am a Methodist Youth Rep on Wessex Synod, I also maintain the Churches Together website at home too! I am currently at University in Canterbury and am quite involved in the Christian Union, where we have all denominations represented and we do all work well together.
Watch James' video here.

Global Church Rep candidate

There is one place available, and one candidate. This person is therefore appointed to this role.

Eli Atif: What excites me about becoming a Global Church Rep is all the amazing new people I get to come across and the stories I get to hear. Having moved to the UK from another country and a completely different culture at a young age of 8, I am familiar with being out of my comfort zone and learning a culture other than my own, so I would love to meet people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and experience how they worship day to day. As a young individual, I am extremely passionate to represent my Methodist Church in other parts of the world and to bring more youth along with diversity into the Church. Because after all, the youth is the future of our Church, and I would be greatly honoured to be the platform for their voice to be heard, not just in the UK but globally.
Watch Eli's video here.



The results of the election for the next Youth President have now been announced and James Carver is the successful candidate.

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