3Gen Elections

Voting for Methodist Youth Reps 2023/24 opens at noon on Friday 17 November and closes at midnight on Sunday 3 December.

This year the only Youth Rep role that requires an election is the role of Methodist Conference Rep. Children and young people aged 8 - 23 who attended 3Generate 2023 are eligible to vote. You will need the unique code number from your 3Gen wristband! 


Methodist Conference Rep candidates

There is one place available, and 2 candidates. You can vote for one of the candidates for Conference Rep below.

Erin: I'm excited by the opportunity to play my part in the decision-making and changing of our Church. I would like to make the Church a more attractive place where everyone can be supported to build a relationship with God. As a minister's daughter, I have been a part of several different churches and therefore have had the ability to see the gaps in the Church and what we could do better. I am from a Church where I am the only young person and enjoy going to knit and natter where I spend my time sharing stories with the older members of our Church family.
Watch Erin's video here

Owen: I really enjoyed being a Conference Rep last year and seeing the exciting things happening. I am really passionate about what Conference is doing and would love to continue representing you in the crucial decisions being made.
Watch Owen's video here







...Or watch the full playlist of videos, introducing the new Reps, here

Digital Reps

As there are enough places available for all those standing, we do not need you to vote for specific candidates. Find out about your new Digital Reps below.

Amos: I would love to join the team of Youth Reps, and the opportunity to use technology in an official role is really exciting. I have used technology for as long as I can remember. I started making stop-motion animations aged 7, and have since used Blender for 3D animation and other graphics, as well as helping with live-streaming Sunday services from our kitchen, and then church, since lockdown in 2020. I hope to bring some of this knowledge to the role of Digital Rep, as I did with my performance at 3Gen Celebrates. I have an eye for detail, and I am passionate about clear and readable design. I really look forward to collaborating with other people to help give a voice to young people in the Methodist Church.
Watch Amos' video here

Joe: Having been in this Rep role for a year, it has given me great confidence in myself to help children and young people get their voice heard and has also helped me greatly in making new, great friends and in my own faith journey.
Watch Joe's video here

Dominic: I have attended church all my life and have recently felt the call to become a Christian. I always seek opportunities to promote the Church and God in my daily life. My friends would describe me as energetic and kind. I am currently studying for my A levels, one of which is IT. This makes me a good fit for your Digital Rep as I know how to handle a computer.
Watch Dominic's video here

Agents of Change Reps

As there are enough places available for all those standing, we do not need you to vote for specific candidates. Find out about your new Agents of Change Reps below.

Dan: I have been an Agents of Change Rep the past two Rep years. I have enjoyed it and I have gained more confidence in myself since being a Youth Rep, although illness stopped me doing as much as I wanted to do. I have a strong passion to make churches accessible, especially for people with a learning disability. I am part of my local Church Council and I enjoy being part of that, especially thinking about the issues which come to us from Conference and making decisions. I also recently became a Steward in my local church, which I am enjoying. I encouraged my church to become an Eco Church after learning about it. I enjoyed helping out at 3Gen as well as planning some of the activities. I met lots of lovely people there - it was fantastic that I could talk to and find out what young people thought about the Church and what they think the Church could improve upon.
Watch Dan's video here 

Jamie: I would be excited to take up the role of a Youth Representative for the Methodist Church in Britain. The opportunity to serve as a voice for young people in the Church is something I am passionate about.
Watch Jamie's video here 

Alex: The Agents of Change Rep role is a chance to create change in the youth of the Methodist Church. It is a chance to solve issues that we as young people have. It is a chance to get our voices heard where it matters most.
Watch Alex's video here

Gracie: I would love to be a Youth Rep because I am very passionate about my faith. I have chosen to apply to become an Agents of Change Rep as I have many ideas for what can be changed and adapted in the future for young people. I would like to help celebrate diversity and make the Church accessible and inclusive for all. I am also a very positive person and would like to encourage others in their own journey of faith, acceptance and inclusion.
Watch Gracie's video here

Reuben: Over the last few years my eyes have been opened to the injustice of the world, how it affects so many people and how we as young people can do so much to make a difference. I am excited to be at the front of change and help share our ideas. Issues such as climate change, the situation in Israel/Palestine and poverty are really important to me and, as a Church, we should strive to challenge some of these injustices. We have so many valuable and insightful thoughts about the future, and I feel that our voice should be heard to help challenge injustice. I could bring new ideas and a different look on ways to challenge injustice. As the Methodist Church is becoming a “justice seeking Church” it is as important as ever to project our voices for change.
Watch Reuben's video here

Hugo: I am excited for the opportunity to become a Youth Rep as I believe that the youth in the Church are the most important people as they are the future Church. I think that making an inclusive and open environment where youth can thrive and get involved with their church is what makes a great church. Many churches, including my own, have a very unfortunate lack of youth. This is something that I would love to try and change by showing youth that they are accepted into the Church no matter their position in life. I am very much involved in my own church, I attend as much as possible. I am always willing to help with the church outreach programmes such as the toddler group, as well as being involved in the scout group that is connected to the church, representing the church at more youth based events.
Watch Hugo's video here

Ailish: I am excited to represent the young people and children, and hear their voice. Having done this role for one year, I now feel that I have a better understanding. I want to meet more young people and children and drive the young people and children so implementing change for all to be accepted and loved in the their local church, and to bring them into a closer relationship with God.
Watch Ailish's video here

Global Church Reps

As there are enough places available for all those standing, we do not need you to vote for specific candidates. Find out about your new Global Church Reps below.

Bea: What excites me about becoming a Global Church Rep is all the amazing new people I get to come across and the stories I get to hear. Having moved to the UK from another country and a completely different culture at a young age of 8, I am familiar with being out of my comfort zone and learning a culture other than my own, so I would love to meet people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and experience how they worship day to day. As a young individual, I am extremely passionate to represent my Methodist Church in other parts of the world and to bring more youth along with diversity into the Church. Because after all, the youth is the future of our Church, and I would be greatly honoured to be the platform for their voice to be heard, not just in the UK but globally.
Watch Bea's video here

Hope: [I am looking forward to] being able to learn about other cultures and their experiences in the Church, as well as being able to learn from them and bring that to my own context. I would also be excited to share my voice both within the global context and on a national youth level on issues which are important to me. The skills I bring to the role are my ability to take part in group discussions where I will passionately share my view but I also know when to sit back and let others speak.
Watch Hope's video here


Elections for Methodist Youth President 2024/25

Voting for the Youth President is now closed for this year. We will announce the results of the election as soon as we are able to do so.

Voting was only open to 8 to 23 year old participants at 3Generate. Youth President is a full-time paid role for an 18-23 year old to represent the children and young people of the Methodist Church.

This year we had three candidates standing for election as Youth President. Find out more about them below.

Isabel Barlow (she/her)


I’m Isabel, 19, and I’m passionate about sharing my faith. I’m currently taking a gap year from university. I would describe myself as confident, organised and positive, and I often get told that I can talk to a cardboard box! I have been a NHS Youth Forum rep, a Police Cadet and was an Ecumenical Youth rep. I would like to spend a year working for God as your Youth President.  

Luca Barwick-Plant (he/him) 


Hi I’m Luca, a 19-year-old Methodist. I’m transgender and queer and I have been attending church since birth. I focus on promoting disability awareness, accessibility, and inclusive conversations about neurodiversity and mental health. My journey reflects a commitment to creating a more understanding and accepting world for all. 

Bea Hulme (she/they) 


Hi I’m Bea! I’m 21 and from the Lake District, but currently finishing a theology degree in Chester. I love leading worship, reading, charity shopping, and my dog Kipper. I’m a member of the LGBT+community and am passionate about inclusion, and refugee and climate activism. My friends would describe me as having a bit too much energy, but also as empathetic, loving, and always there to listen. 


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