3Generate 2021 FAQs

Please keep checking this page, as we will be updating the FAQs. 


The 3Generate 2021 programme is now available! Click here to see the PDF


On this page, questions about...


How much will the event cost?
The cost of the event varies depending on which ticket option is selected, accompanying leaders’ tickets are free for all options:

  • Weekend tickets (including overnight accommodation) will cost £120.
  • Everyday tickets (entry on all (3) days, no overnight accommodation) will cost £80.
  • Saturday tickets (entry on Saturday only, no overnight accommodation) will cost £60.

Tickets for 4-7s (which allow access to 4-7s area on Saturday) will cost £40 for the first child per family, which includes up to 2 significant adults. Tickets for any further 4-7s from the same family will cost £30.

For fundraising ideas to cover the cost of 3Generate, check out our fundraising suggestions page which will be available shortly.

Who can purchase residential tickets?
The weekend tickets (including overnight accommodation) will be available for all groups to purchase. All tickets are on a first come, first served basis.

When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets went on sale on Wednesday 14 July 2021 here.  We’re encouraging all churches and groups to begin having conversations about how they may be able to take part.

My District/Circuit/Church want to pay for our places but cash flow is a bit restricted at the moment
3Generate is happy to wait for payment up until 23 October, if this will help ease the pressure. Please select the cheque option when you purchase your tickets and then email 3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk to request the extension.

How can we get the most out of our day tickets?
Day tickets will allow groups to join in during the day with flexible arrival and departures times. Throughout the weekend there will be an exciting rolling programme from morning through to late evening, so you can choose to arrive early or later in the day. Programming opens at 9am, however groups will be able to arrive ahead of that time if they wish. Groups can remain until programming finishes at approximately 10:30pm.

The 4-7s venue opens at 10am on Saturday through till approximately 3pm.

Do tickets include meals?
Meals are included whilst on site. For groups without accommodation, arrival and departure times will need to be provided closer to the event to book in the relevant meals.

Is there a discount for siblings at the event?
The 4-7s event is a family/household event, unlike the 8-23s event.
Sibling tickets have been offered to the 4-7 age range as it is anticipated that children will attend with their parent, grandparent or carer and that bringing two or more children from the same family will not significantly increase the cost. In the 8-23s event children and young people attend with their leaders and are part of a group. However we do not want any children or young people to be unable to attend due to cost. In the first instance do speak to your circuit or district as they may be able to help, otherwise email 3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

Will there be a cut-off date for booking and is there a minimum number for booking?
There is no minimum number for booking. Tickets will remain on sale until the beginning of October, however we encourage you to buy your tickets early to guarantee your place.


Venue and accommodation

What will the sleeping arrangements be?
Accommodation will be indoors, in socially-distanced bubbles in groups in the 'village', which is within very large, well-ventilated halls. Each group will have an assigned plot in the village, with plenty of space for the group and space between groups. Tents will be provided and will be erected before your arrival. A bed and mattress will be provided in the leaders’ tents. Roll mats will be provided in tents for children and young people.

Leaders will need to bring their own sleeping bag/duvet, sheet for the mattress and pillow and pillowcase. Children and young people will need to bring their own sleeping bag, pillow and pillowcase. 

It is the responsibility of leaders to allocate tents to their group members appropriately. Leaders will share their tent with one other leader from the group, with each leader having their own compartment. Children and young people will be sharing their tent with one other child/young person, as allocated by their group leader.

How will belongings be kept safe?
It will be possible for the tents to be locked with a small luggage padlock that you bring from home.

What will the washing facilities be?
The NEC provides washrooms within each of the exhibition halls that we will be using, and are also installing shower blocks for our use within the camping area. These areas will be subject to regular cleaning.

What lighting will be in place in the village?
Lighting within the NEC exhibition halls is fully adjustable, which means that we will be able to select a night-time setting for the accommodation halls that will allow a reduced level of light overnight but sufficient for people to be able to visit toilets etc.

What will the food arrangements be?
All food over the weekend will be provided by the NEC and will be available to “take-away“ to eat in the Dining Area. Further details about timings, etc. will be confirmed closer to the event.

What parking will be available during the weekend?
Parking will be in designated car parks as directed by the NEC.


Keeping us safe

How will the event be Covid secure?
Please be assured that we will be taking all of the necessary steps to ensure that 3Generate 2021 will be Covid secure, in line with Government and National Youth Agency guidelines at the time of the event. We expect this to include more space between sleeping tents and increased opportunities to sanitise hands, together with increased cleaning of common areas eg. toilets. We will ensure that we offer a safe and inspiring event.

Will testing be required before the event?
We are monitoring the situation and will follow the Government and National Youth Agency guidance at the time of the event. We will keep you updated as we approach the event.

What would happen if anyone was asked to isolate?
We will follow the Government / National Youth Agency (NYA) guidance that will be in place at the time. Current guidance is that if a member of the group shows symptoms then arrangements should be made to transport them home in a private car, it is the group leader’s responsibility to make these arrangements. Group leaders need to build this into their risk assessment and action plans. Further updates will be available as they are published.

What type of DBS do leaders need to bring a group?
All leaders must have a valid DBS (less than 5 years old at the time of 3Generate) with a barred list check, obtained through the Methodist Church.

Will the event be ‘closed off’ to the outside world?
3Generate has use of dedicated halls within the NEC, with stewards stationed at the entrances and exits. There will be no access by the general public to 3Generate.



What will 3Generate look and feel like this year?

3Generate 2021 promises to be a huge party—celebrating the joy of being together after so long apart. You wouldn't want to miss it! From the big light switch-on happening on Friday, through to the festival on Saturday night with international flavour and street entertainment, to the energetic mass worship with Urban Praise Party and new band Echo, 3Gen is going to be a blast!

3Generate is the children and youth assembly of the Methodist Church and is strategic in how the Church listens to the voices of children and young people.  We are constantly adjusting the event to suit the environment that we find ourselves in. We have had satellite groups meeting throughout the year to plan a full and exciting programme, which will be released soon.

Many of the programme items this year will be repeated, with some venues having a rolling programme which allows children and young people to drop-in and explore the venue and activities.

When will the programme be released?
The programme will be released closer to 3Generate. A sneak peek at some of our venues is available here. Keep an eye on our social media throughout September for more news on what's happening and check out our Contributors at 3Generate 2021 playlist on 3GenerateTV.

Do restrictions mean that venues will have lower capacities, which may mean that some people may not be able to get in to events?
Many of the programme items this year will be repeated, with some venues having a rolling or drop-in programme.

How loud will the event be?
Loud performances throughout the weekend will be held in the 3Generate Arena, which is separate to the Main Hall and is a sound-proof venue.

All venues at 3Generate will have inclusion boxes which will include ear defenders and ear plugs for children and young people finding the noise too much. If you are a leader please borrow anything you need from the inclusion box and encourage the child or young person you are supporting to join back with their group.

Whether a child or young person has additional needs or not everyone is welcome to the Quiet Space venue. This venue is a drop-in venue that participants can go along to for some peace and quiet.


How can those unable to attend 3Generate get involved remotely?

Children and young people will be able to get involved with 365, a wider initiative of which 3Generate is only a small part. 365 seeks to support children and young people to live out their faith and grow in their discipleship for 365 days of the year.  3Generate the event is an important part of this journey, but it goes much wider. More information about 365 is available here.


4 - 7 year olds at 3Generate

How will 4 - 7 year olds take part in 3Generate?

On Saturday 30 October, from 10am to 3pm, they can join in a dynamic and immersive programme of activities, designed to aid them in reflecting on faith, life and meeting with God in their own dedicated space, separate to the main 3Generate event.  Through three different ‘zones’ they can choose to explore ‘home’, ‘the outdoors’ and ‘school/nursery’, where there will be plenty of different ways to wonder and ask questions. The programme is flexible and designed so that younger children can make their own choices, exploring the space as they feel led.  It’s 3Generate but on a smaller scale! 

Can 4 - 7 years olds take part without a parent/carer or significant adult?
No, each child will need an adult with them for the whole day. They can be accompanied by up to two significant adults, who may be parents, carers, grandparents or others they know well from church. These adults can encourage and support children as they explore all that’s on offer during the day. The venue and programme is intended to be an intergenerational space.

What is the role of a group leader for 4 - 7 year olds attending the event?
Group leaders can coordinate, organise and book tickets on behalf of 4-7 year olds and their parent(s)/carer(s) or significant adult(s).  Whilst taking part in the 4 - 7s venue, children will be the responsibility of these adults and not the group leader.

Will 4 - 7 year olds be able to visit the main 3Generate event?
Yes, built into the programme are opportunities to visit the main 3Generate event in small groups with their adults. 

Where is the venue for 4 - 7 year olds?
The venue for 4 - 7 year olds and their parents/carers/adults is next door to the main 3Generate event halls at the NEC, but in its own designated rooms.  Only the children and their adults booked in will have access to this venue, along with our team of volunteers. 

What food/refreshments will be available for those in the 4 - 7s venue?
The NEC catering team will provide refreshments on arrival and a picnic bag at lunchtime for children and adults.

Additional needs and access requirements

What support or help is available for those with additional needs or disabilities?

Additional needs are wide ranging – they can include physical, learning, mental health and undiagnosed needs – anything that may impact on someone being able to join in fully at 3Generate. We want everyone to feel welcome at the event and we have an accessibility team, who can help you to support the children and young people who are attending as part of your group. There is a Quiet Space venue and retreat spaces within other venues. We also have specific provision for accommodation and physical access for those who need it. Please provide more information when registering, find the accessibility team at registration or in the Quiet Space venue for help.

A member of my group has additional needs, can I have a conversation with someone before we come to 3Generate?
Yes absolutely! Please contact Naomi Graham or Mark Arnold and fill in the additional needs information on iKnow Church so that we can make sure that the event is as accessible as possible for the children and young people attending.

What is the Quiet Space venue like?
This is a small venue that children and young people can retreat to if they are finding parts of the event overwhelming or difficult to engage in. We will have a rolling programme and supportive team, we’ll also have smaller scale performances from some of the event contributors.

If a member of my group has additional needs, how can they get the most out of 3Generate?
We’d love you to connect with the accessibility team when you register and we also encourage you to pop in to the Quiet Space if there’s anything we can help with. We also want everyone to play their part in making the event as accessible as possible. There are some top tips for accessibility here.

Can I bring a carer or support worker to 3Generate?
We want to make sure that everyone who would like to come to 3Generate can attend regardless of their additional needs. We cannot provide full-time 1:1 support for children or young people so, if you need this, we’d recommend you bring an additional leader along with your group who can be your carer/support worker for the weekend.

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