Green Agents of Change

For children and young people passionate about climate justice!

If you are interested in being part of the Green Agents of Change network and you want to be kept up to date with news and events, ask a parent/carer or leader to email Lynne Norman in the Children, Youth and Family Team.


God’s World, Our Home is a resource to help children and young people lead the Church in responding to the climate crisis. There are videos, prayers, challenges, and activities to explore the spiritual, theological, and practical response to the climate crisis. 



Climate Justice for All is a climate-focused, youth-led, global campaign that seeks to mobilise the Methodist family on issues of climate justice. 

Find out how your church or youth group can get involved in the campaign by emailing the British team.



Stories from our Green Agents of Change


Grace, aged 9, writes regular articles for her church newsletter about being a Green Agent of Change, including this great article, written after attending one of the Climate Justice for All Have Your Say events. When Grace was aged 8, she also attended the Green Agents of Change Catalyst session for 8 - 11 year olds in August 2020. Read the article she wrote about this here.

Why not consider submitting your own article about climate justice to your church magazine, newsletter or website? 

Grace, along with her mum and little brother, recently walked part of the Young Christian Climate Network's relay to COP26 (an important meeting of world leaders taking place in Glasgow this year to discuss the climate crisis). The relay has been organised by YCCN to raise awareness of climate change and to show that Christians care.  Youth President Phoebe has also walked some of the relay and, in a short video, she talks to Grace about the relay and the other things that Grace is doing to try and make a difference.



Jamie, aged 14, is one of our Green Agents of Change and, along with his parents Debbie and David, is now a published author! Changing the Climate was published by the Bible Reading Fellowship in June 2021.

Using a series of Bible passages the book shows how the Christian faith is relevant to environmental action and justice and how we can all play our part in limiting the negative effects of climate change. Jamie himself has provided tips about actions we can take, which appear at the end of each chapter.



Youth President Phoebe met with Jamie to chat about the book and the work he and his family do for climate justice watch the video (7 minutes) here:


If you'd like to tell us about what you've been doing as a Green Agent of Change, please email Lynne Norman.


Other great resources, websites and things you can get involved in:

  • Our Bright Futures is a project led by the Wildlife Trusts and it offers loads of opportunities and support to young people who want to get involved in environmental work and climate justice.
  • It's Time - a festival of climate action took place online in November 2020 and included a 'Kids Tent' for young climate activists. Catch-up on everything that happened on the Ecologi YouTube channel.
  • Global Action Plan is the charity behind Clean Air Day and it also runs several other campaigns that you could get involved in, including the #IDon'tBuyItMovement - asking young people to stand together and tell advertisers that they have had enough of ads that promote a consumerist lifestyle.
  • You could talk to your family or friends about committing to one of these actions from Green Actioneers - or even challenge your whole church or youth group!
  • Kids Against Plastic attended our 3Generate event in 2019. Join the KAP club here so that you can work towards your certificates and receive a monthly inspiring newsletter from Amy and Ella.
  • Your family might also want to consider being part of A Rocha's Wild Christian movement.
  • Get involved in the Teach the Future campaign, asking our elected representatives to support better climate education in schools.
  • Sign-up (or get your parents and other people you know to sign-up) to the GIKI 'Cut a tonne 21' challenge. The website tracker offers suggestions, whatever your lifestyle or budget of ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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