Get Creative!

A brand new creative arts competition.

We are looking for you to write, draw, paint, or get busy with your camera! The idea is that you write a poem, make a picture or take a photograph in response to the theme of ‘What is God saying?’

What do you think God is saying to you, or to the Church, or to the world?  

Looking for inspiration? Check out these (click on an image below to read):



Entries can be in the form of:

  • Poem/spoken word (either written or a video of the poem performed)
  • A photograph (or collage of original photographs)
  • A drawing/painting/collage

You can write up to 100 words, if you wish, to add an explanation to your entry (but you don’t have to!).

Age Groups

There will be four different age groups for this competition:

  • Age 4-7
  • Age 8-11 (year 3-6)
  • Age 11-14 (year 7-9)
  • Age 15-18 (year 10-13)


There will be a winner from each category (poetry/photography/art) in each age group.

The winners will receive a voucher for either art/craft supplies or a book token and their entries will be displayed at the 3Generate event in 2021.


All entries must be received by 31 July 2020.

Submitting entries

To submit an entry, use the form below.
If you have drawn or created a picture, please take a photo of it and send the photo as your entry. Please keep the original, as we may want to display the original artwork at 3Generate. 

Where the form asks you to submit contact details, these can be yours, your parent’s/guardian’s or your youth leader’s. We need to know the best way to let you know if your entry is successful.

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