Maundy Thursday for children and families

Read: Mark 14:12-25    John13: 1-5

Holy Week in a Box:
Today we remember the last Passover meal Jesus had with his friends. Use the top of the box as a table. Draw a cup and plate on it, or make a cup and plate out of modelling clay. Place Jesus by the table.

Find today’s activity on p. 19 of the Creative Lent Journal.  Create some artwork that uses all the family’s footprints, if you don’t have paints you could draw around them with pens or crayons.


Or take a look at pages 20-21, which explore the Passover meal that Jesus and the disciples shared on the night before he died.  It explains what each of the elements were and what they represent.  Ask each other which one is most interesting to us and why that might be.

Place your Easter Garden beside your front door or in a place where people will be able to see it as they walk by.

Wonder together:
In church, how do we remember this meal? Why do you think Jesus washed the disciples feet? How would you feel about washing someone’s feet?

Lord God thank you that we too can gather together around your table and remember that first meal of bread and wine.  Bless us as we love and serve each other.  Amen

Additional ideas:

Flame creative offers ways to engage with Maundy Thursday through creative prayer ideas and crafts.


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