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If you are a young person interested in applying to work in ONE Programme: Connexion project, click here.

The ONE Programme has gone from strength to strength since it started in 2009. Around 100 young people have taken part, taking 'a year on' and making a difference in a variety of projects around the country. Looking back over the past years of the innovative ONE Programme, it is clear that both churches and individual lives have been changed. 

Young people taking part in the ONE Programme: Leader scheme are paid to work part-time or fulltime with the majority of which is spent working in a local project and some hours 'banked' and used for Connexional work (national work for the Methodist Church) and training. In 2021/22 the Methodist Church will fund 15 part-time placements and in previous years had funded around 11.

Hear from previous OPPs...

“I really can't recommend the ONE Programme enough - it's been the best introduction to the world of work I could have asked for, it's allowed me to grow and develop in my skills, but most importantly, it has made me believe that my voice as a young person matters in the church.” – Liddy

“The internship has allowed me to gain experience in a pioneering ministry and test out new ideas for engaging young adults in church.” – Charlie (Intern)

“It’s given me confidence, it’s been my first job and it’s been an amazing, I mean I’ve experienced things I would not have done before, going to 3Generate and the training is amazing, the training at Cliff and the independent training my circuit’s given me has been amazing and I never would have had that otherwise.” Maddison

"The ONE Programme is a great chance to develop as a person and in your faith, and to see God work through you and other people around you. You won't be the same person by the end of the year. I wasn't." - Huw

“The ONE Programme has given me skills to allow me to grow and the learning that I have had, through my project, has started to mould me into the person I want to be in the future and grow towards.” - Olivia

“We’ve had a few training weekends for the ONE Programme, which have been good fun, meeting other people who are doing similar things to you and who are in a similar situation and get advice and learn new things about stuff that will help you in your job.” - Caitlin

“I’d recommend this to anybody who’s looking to have a good year out and to grow spiritually and pastorally” – Charlie

Taking a Year On is a booklet from 2014 of inspirational stories from the young people involved. Find out about what these young people did and what it meant to them. You can download and read the book here. 


The Placements

For 2021/22 the placements will be in churches and projects focused on faith sharing looking particularly at pioneering and church planting, making new disciples and evangelism. These placements will give you the space to explore your calling, have your voice heard and to try out new experiences in ministry.



Training will be split into two areas:

  1. The Leadership Year, Connexional training which will happen over two in person weekends with online engagement and peer group items in between. Training with others doing ONE Programme: Leadership placements and those on the Cliff Year. The in person items will take place at Cliff College, in Derbyshire
  2. Local Training, providing skills based training specifically tailored to you and your project

We are also exploring The Leadership Year training being available on a ‘buy-in’ basis for those aged 18-30 and in similar roles (such as an intern or church worker). Contact George Dixon-Gough to find out more.

Terms and Conditions

Placement opportunities are either part-time or fulltime and pay the living wage foundation living wage.

Part-time roles will be for an average of 65 hours per calendar month - 15 hrs/week

  • Full-time roles will be for an average of 151 hrs per calendar month - 35hrs/week

They will be based within the project for the majority of the hours, but will be released (with reasonable notice) for Connexional commitments including training and events. Averaged out across the year there will be approx. 3-5hrs/week of Connexional

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