Changing times

Following recent amendments to national COVID-19 restrictions, many aspects of the NYA Guidance are no longer legally required, but remain highly recommended by NYA to ensure youth work practice remains safe and COVID secure.

Please continue to follow COVID Responsible Measures. You can also watch the short video from the NYA, which talks through the main points.

Keep up to date with the latest National Youth Agency Guidance

As children's, youth and family workers we need to continue to show responsibility and remain vigilant in our duty of care.

Please note that the above is for England only, please refer to the links below for guidance in other areas:

For activities such as toddler groups, visit the Early Years Alliance  and also check out the Government Guidance.


The Property Team has reviewed the information provided by the Government and has updated the Coronavirus Guidance for Property page.  The team will continue to monitor the guidance and provide further guidance as necessary.  Please continue to check back for updated information.    

You may also find the following websites helpful:

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