Things to think about | Residentials

  • Always check ahead of time and follow third party requirements (venues, accommodation etc.).
  • Masks should be worn on transport (11+).
  • International visits are still not allowed.
  • Residentials are no longer limited on group sizes and groups from different projects can now mix.
  • However! Think about how you would manage an outbreak.
  • Members of the group (including leaders) should use lateral flow tests every 48 - 72 hours. They should also have a test done before departure. Remember to give your local centre plenty of notice if you need to order test kits in bulk (or you could ask parents to help by sourcing kits for their own children).
  • If a young person shows signs of illness they must be tested. If the test is positive they need to be sent home in a private vehicle (not public transport) - think about how you would manage this eventuality as part of your risk assessment/action plan.
  • If a member of the leadership team shows signs of illness then they will also have to be tested and, if positive, sent home in a private vehicle.
  • If the above happens and this means you no longer have enough team available to run the residential safely,  the whole group may have to return home. However, you do now have more flexibility to bring in an extra leader from outside the original group if needed. 
  • The guidance for sleeping arrangements is still to have no more than six people in any room/tent - and to ensure there is as much space as possible between each person sleeping. 
  • Remember to check with your insurance provider before travelling so you know if they have any specific requirements of you.

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