Things to think about | Sharing space and hospitality

Sharing space

  • Be flexible and generous when it comes to sharing space with other groups.
  • If your church only has one activity/gathering in a day, plan to clean the space afterwards. If you are having more than one activity/gathering then cleaning the whole church may not be possible, but you should at least wipe down those surfaces that are likely to have been touched, paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces.
  • Make sure you have identified people to undertake the cleaning. A decision should be made locally on how frequently cleaning should take place based on an assessment of risk and use of the building.
  • If the space is not going to be used for 72 hours there is no need to clean it.
  • If running a mixed group, with those under 18 and those over 18 that are not leaders, then the rules for adult gatherings apply.

Food and drink

  • Refreshments can now be served indoors but please manage risk as much as possible.
  • Wherever possible consider asking people to bring their own cups/plates/cutlery.
  • Avoid 'self-serve' food and drink as much as possible.
  • For extra information on serving food and drink safely, see the Government’s hospitality guidance.

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