Helping children, young people and families to feel less anxious

Lynne from the Children, Youth and Family team shares three top tips for looking after our feelings and minds as we go through change...

The 3Generate 365 Toolbox contains some resources and ideas for reconnecting and also for naming loss and celebrating milestones.

On The Well Learning Hub YouTube channel you can watch the following webinars again:

Every Mind Matters from the NHS has released new, practical tips and advice to help look after the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

Visit our page that explores connecting with God, reassuring children and wellbeing.

Action for Children offers some excellent advice for helping children prepare for the return to school.

At a recent British Youth Council members meeting, tips were shared by young people and workers on transitioning on coming out of lockdown. That conversation resulted in this resource, which you are encouraged to share with your networks.

CPAS has produced a wide range of free resources to enable church leaders to lead their congregations and communities through the recovery phase of the pandemic. These include worksheets on the pandemic experience, with one for young people and one for families.

The leading charity in campaigning for the better mental health and resilience of young people, Young Minds, has started a series of blogs to support young people's self-care. If you know a young person who is struggling with the transition back to school, advice is here.


SCM is offering these great resources for worried people.




From the Church Army, Death, Grief and Hope offers advice to youth workers supporting young people who are bereaved during the Covid-19 crisis.




From the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, in partnership with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF:

JKP Books is offering two great resources:

VPR offers a great podcast for younger listeners: Coronavirus for kids and the science of soap.

The Anna Freud Centre has a selection of resources for young people to help them cope during this difficult time.

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