Getting the best out of 3Gen session plan

3Generate is a unique event that is focussed on hearing the voice of the children and young people who attend. With the proper preparation we believe that your group will be better placed to engage with, and benefit from, all that 3Generate has to offer.

Click here to download Getting the most out of 3Gen*, a session plan that has been specially designed to help you and your group:

  • explore the importance of having your voice heard
  • develop an understanding of the 3Generate Manifesto (what it is and how it is shaped by children and young people)
  • get to grips with the processes of electing the Youth President and Youth Reps.

The session will take around two hours in total but can be split up and worked through over a number of meetings.

*The link above opens the session plan as a PDF document. If you would find it helpful to download a Word version for editing, click here.

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