Easter Sunday for children and families

Read: Mark 16: 1-8.

Today is a day of celebration!  Early on the Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb and had an amazing surprise. 

Holy Week in a Box:
Open the box. Place Jesus at the side of it and the cloth neatly wrapped in the bottom of it.

Remove the stone that covers the tomb in your Easter Garden and take Jesus out to symbolise that the tomb is now empty and Jesus is alive.  Take a photo of your Easter Garden and share it on social media using #EasterGarden #HeisRisen.  On Twitter you can tag the Children, Youth and Family team @childrenyouth and The Methodist Church @MethodistGB. 

On p.23 of the Creative Lent Journal it suggests making a banner that can also be displayed in your window.

Wonder together:
How would it have felt to arrive at the tomb and find it empty?  What difference does it makes that God raised Jesus to life?

Thank you God for the joy and wonder of today: that Jesus is risen from the dead!  What an amazing thing to have happened!  Be with us as we celebrate on this wonderful day. Amen

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