Good Friday for children and families


Read: Mark 15:1, 15, 22-25, 37, 39

The religious leaders wanted to get rid of Jesus. They told lies about him. Jesus was arrested. It was a very sad day, because the authorities put Jesus to death on a cross.

Holy Week in a Box: Make a cross out of the pipe cleaner and place it with Jesus in front of the box.




Read Mark 15:40-43, 46, 47.

When Jesus had died, his friends took his body down from the cross and wrapped it in linen cloth. They placed Jesus’ body in a tomb cut out of rock. Wrap Jesus in the cloth. Place him in the box and put the lid on.

 Using p. 22 from the Creative Lent Journal as a guide, talk about the ways Jesus declared his love for us by dying on the cross.  Add a figure of some kind to represent Jesus inside the tomb of your Easter Garden.

Wonder together: 
What might it have been like to be part of the crowd on the streets that day? I wonder how his friends felt? How do we see Jesus loving us through his death on the cross?

Lord God, we’re sad for all that happened to Jesus that day and for how he suffered.  Be with us as we remember all that he went through.  Amen

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