Palm Sunday for children and families

Read: Palm Sunday parade Mark 11:1-10

What a joyful time it must have been as people gathered to wave their palm leaves to welcome Jesus to Jerusalem.

Find p. 17 of the Lent Family Creative Journal, there’s an activity to add colourful people and words of praise to God.  You could draw them or form them from play dough and write big speech bubbles with their praises in.    



Holy Week in a Box: 
Make some palm leaves from whatever materials you can find and place these and the wooden Jesus figure by the box.

Watch this YouTube video. "The Clip Clop Beat" is a joyful celebration song for Palm Sunday from the Rhyming Bible Songs album. There is a sharable lyric video - put it on loud and dance around the living room with whatever "palm branches" you can fashion!

Wonder together:
Would we celebrate in the same way today?  How can we welcome Jesus into our lives and homes?

Lord God we welcome the King of Kings and praise his name today!  We give glory to Jesus and ask you to help us as we learn more about the events of that first Easter week. Amen

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