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The decision of Methodist Conference in 2007 to set up the Youth Participation Strategy (YPS) was brave and pioneering. Participation is about everyone, not just children and young people, it's the next step towards a true understanding of inclusive Church. It's part of a bigger vision- to see the whole  Church participating more; making and moulding the Church, together. The Voice Activated resource is an attempt to share that vision and the learning from over five years of rolling out the YPS. 

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Making Change Happen

The Methodist Children & Youth resource Voice Activated focused largely on encouraging local churches and projects to hear the voice of children and young people and to allow this voice to have an impact on decision making and planning.

This complementary resource moves us on a step further and explores ways in which the voice of children and young people can be heard beyond the Church in the wider world.

Once opinions have been gathered and the issues discussed, how do you help the groups and individuals you work with to influence change and make a real difference - on both a local, national and international scale, within the Church and in society?

How can we help children and young people channel their passions and interests in a way that will impact positively on their communities and help them to further their discipleship?

Voice Activated: Making Change Happen offers broad-ranging and comprehensive information and advice and will hopefully prove a useful tool for youth leaders and children's workers - as well as for children and young people themselves.

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