ONE Encounter


ONE Encounter provides opportunities for young people to be part of a short-term visit that enables them to encounter a different part of the world, a different way of life, or some other experience to open and broaden their minds.

It is an opportunity to encourage reflection, consider calling and support growth in discipleship.

ONE Encounter is supported by World Church, the Encounter Together programme and Encounter Worldwide, which offers part-funded opportunities for Methodists aged 18-26 to serve for up to two years with a world church partner.


Upcoming encounters


South India 2019: 17-27 October

The next group visit with Encounter Together will be to our partner church in South India in October 2019. Applications are welcome from anyone aged between 18 and 26. See the Encounter Together web page for application info.

The focus of the South India Trip is to:

  • learn about yourself and deepen your discipleship
  • learn about what it’s like to be a young person in South India
  • lead activities with children and young people that help deepen their discipleship mutually
  • learn about the socio-economic challenges facing women and children/youth
  • learn about the plight of refugees in South India
  • learn more about Methodist heritage by learning about Wesleyan history in South India.

Join a group of young people to travel to south India and find out about God’s mission across the region.

Cost: £1500

Application Deadline: 31 January 2019

Pre-Departure briefing: 7-9 June 2019 at Cliff College, Derbyshire

For more information, email George Dixon-Gough

Encounter Together Postcard

Past Encounters

Taizé 2018: 23 June - 3 July

The group travelled to Taizé, France, from Cliff College and joined the community for a week.

The focus of the Taizé trip was to:

  • Experience a week as part of the Taizé community.
  • Spend time focussed on God, growing in discipleship, and demonstrating our commitment to Jesus and one another.
  • Abide by all the rules of Taizé, as part of the community, and take part in manual work – directed by Taizé staff.


Haiti 2017: 25 July - 4 August

In July/August 2017 a group travelled to Haiti in partnership with World Church Relationships

Take a look at the video below to hear about the groups experiences in Haiti and visit the Encounter Together Facebook group


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