Homegrown 8 October 2019

Homegrown has now finished!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and joined us to make it an amazing conference!

If you'd like to re-watch specific talks you can head to our Talks page, or if you'd rather watch the whole thing you can visit the Streams page below.

Homegrown is a new conference exploring how faith is grown at home.  How can we encourage families and households to nurture faith together, and to spur each other on as they encounter Jesus and faith in every day life?  This event offers opportunities for both theological reflection and practical equipping.

Both the daytime and evening sessions on Tuesday 8th will be streamed live!
If you'd like to participate, all you have to our is follow our Facebook or Twitter to be notified when we go live on the day!
Alternatively you can check back here at the right time and watch the stream on this page.

Watch Party

A Watch Party is a local gathering of people who have come together to watch the livestream together.

Like previous conferences we've run, it would be great for you to watch in groups together so you're able to chat and discuss throughout the day.
Even if that's not an option, though, we'd love for you to join us! You still can engage with other people through the live chat and social media channels.

If you'd like to host a Watch Party, the Host Guide is available here (and there's a printer-friendly version).
The Host Guide is a short document filled with practical tips to help your Watch Party be as great as possible. 

If you're going to host a Watch Party, please click here to give us some more details.


If you're joining us for Homegrown, we have the Participant's Guide available here (and there's a printer-friendly version).

There are several flyers available to download:

Daytime Conference - With details of all the events as well
Daytime Conference - Editable
Evening Conference - Editable

This event is delivered in cooperation with:

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