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Tuesday 22 September 2020, [Change of time - apologies for inconvenience caused] 10.30am - 12pm
Webinar: Back to normal? Thriving after lockdown
Covid-19 and lockdown has disrupted our established rhythms and programmes As we start to meet again can we, and should we, 'pick up where we left off' with regards to our children, youth and family ministry? What has changed and what things do we need to consider as we move forward?
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Wednesday 22 July 2020, 1pm - 2.30pm
Webinar: Reaching the 95% of children and young people in the UK who don't come to church
Exploring the pastoral need for part of the Church's mission to be to their local non-Christian schools. What might the opportunities to be salt and light look like in the 'new normal'? Rich Barton, a Schools Worker and Manager for Faith in Schools, London, will be leading the webinar.
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Friday 31 July 2020, 11am - 12.30pm
Webinar: Top tips for recruiting and keeping volunteers
Volunteer recruitment is one of the hardest tasks that leaders have in church. This webinar will explore how we can better find and recruit new volunteers and, once they are recruited, the best ways of keeping them and building a sustainable youth and children’s ministry. What we’ll cover: the process of recruitment (top tips), barriers to volunteering, keeping volunteers.
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Saturday 22 August 2020, 10.30am - 12.30pm
Online conference: 'All inclusive?' Supporting children and young people with additional needs
From Urban Saints. Supporting children and young people with special or additional needs or disabilities - accessibility, inclusion and belonging for all. Includes a full-colour A4 workbook, access to video learning, and an interactive online group training session. Costs £7.50 including workbook.
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Catch-up on past events from The Well

Webinar: Sport & physicality - a holy encounter?
Over the summer, and as lockdown eases, children and young people may be taking up, or returning to, more active hobbies. How can we develop a theology of physicality and introduce conversations about how sport, physicality and faith intertwine?
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Webinar: Supporting families
Ministry with families has changed greatly in recent weeks, how can we offer relevant care and support to those in our churches and communities?
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Webinar: Covoid-19 and mental health
What affects might Covid-19 and the lockdown have had on our mental health and that of the children and young people we serve? How can we encourage positive wellbeing?
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