Exciting opportunities


Visit the Upcoming Events page to see everything on offer from the Children, Youth and Family Team, in particular we recommend:


Volunteering can sometimes be a great way to test a calling, learn a new skill, meet some interesting people and serve God - all at the same time!

We are always looking for volunteers to help in a wide variety of roles at our annual children's and youth assembly, 3Generate. Click here to find out more or email the 3Generate Team.

Why not think about standing for election as a Youth Rep?

Alternatively, why not talk to us about helping us to produce some good quality digital content? We are always looking for great ideas of topics to feature in our Well Live broadcasts on FacebookEmail the Children, Youth & Family Team if you have any suggestions or want to find out more.

Find out about our growing range of opportunities that form part of our Agents of Change work.

You could also volunteer at Cliff Festival, which takes place every year during the late May Bank Holiday weekend.

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