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Join our young adult think tank!

As a young adult, the Church needs to hear your thoughts, opinions, ideas and challenges to help shape a church that is relevant today

  • Would you like to help influence what young adult ministry looks like in the Methodist Church?
  • Are you between ages 18-30?

We are looking for 15 people, from a variety of backgrounds and across the age range, to be part of the young adult think tank for a year. Whether you are on the fringes of church or heavily involved we want to hear your voice.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet others, grow skills, and be agents of transformation across the Methodist Church in Britain.

Aims of the young adult think tank:
To hear the voice of young adults to help shape young adult ministry in the Methodist Church.
To provide a 'sounding board' for ideas, changes and improvements etc.
Creating a sustainable community of young adults across the connexion.

The role:
Serve on the think tank for one year, January to December, with the option for serving for a further year on request.
To respond to occasional consultations, queries and surveys via email and/or social media throughout the year.
To meet once a year for a 24 hour residential (expenses covered).

Applying is simple:
All you need to do is fill in the form here

What’s on the form?
After some very simple questions on the form, there is a choice of how you can respond. You can either...
Write 150 words in each response to:
1. Describe your ideal church
2. Why you want to be on the young adult think tank

OR if you would prefer to speak rather than write…
Create a one-minute video on each of the following:
1. Describe your ideal church
2. Why you want to be on the young adult think tank

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, we are interested in your opinions!


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You could also volunteer at Cliff Festival, which takes place every year during the late May Bank Holiday weekend.



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