Interested in Applying to be a Youth Rep?

A special Meet the Reps event is being held on September 19 for those interested in applying. Find out more here.

 If you have any questions about the application process or being a Rep, please contact us: 

Step 1

Find out as much information as you can about the rep roles.

You need to read this document: Stand to be a Youth Rep 2020-2021

You can see what the Reps are up to on Twitter and Instagram @3GenReps

There is more information about the roles here and also the following videos you can watch:

Being an Ecumenical Rep  

Being a Council Rep 

Being a Conference Rep 

Step 2

Fill in the application form (this link opens the application form as a Word document - if it is more helpful for you as a PDF, click here).

Return the completed application form using the instructions in the document Stand to be a Youth Rep 2020-2021.

Step 3

You will be invited to attend a conversation about your application, to make sure that you are right for the role and the role is right for you. These conversations will take place virtually using Zoom. It will then be decided whether you will be put forward for election.

Step 4

Elections take place in November by children and young people voting via the 3Gen App or website.


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