Writing from the Reps

Every month, one of our Youth Reps submits an article to the Methodist Recorder. These articles can be on any subject the Youth Rep chooses. We've collated a list of the wonderful writing from our Youth Reps here:

January 2021: Michael Pryke on Christmas 2020

December 2020: Isaac Nketiah-Boateng on being a young Christian and a Youth Rep.

November 2020: Martha Rand on being 17 in lockdown.

October 2020: Emily Roe on finding news ways of connecting and her role as BYC Rep.

September 2020: John Forsdick on change.

August 2020: Gemma Curtis on expecting the unexpected and relying on God.

July 2020: Ben Andrews on his first year in a Rep role.

June 2020: James Jenkins on lockdown, training and being a Christian.

May 2020: James Carver on being a British Youth Council Rep, 3Generate and moving online during the pandemic.

April 2020: Mary Sharples on living with anxiety during the pandemic.

March 2020: Roxanne Bromley on finding your strength in God and being a Youth Rep to Methodist Council.

February 2020: Michael Pryke on loving Methodism (including Standing Orders), being a Youth Rep to Methodist Council and listening to children and young people.

January 2020: Emily Roe on change and trusting God.

December 2019: Alex Lea on being a BYC Rep, a ONE Programme Participant and attending 3Generate.

November 2019: Charlotte Hambly on testimony and reflecting on your journey.

September 2019: Verity Wilde on being a Youth Rep to Methodist Conference and attending the Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly.

August 2019: Martha Rand on being a Youth Rep to Methodist Conference.

July 2019: James Carver on being a Social Justice Rep and his own faith journey.

June 2019: James Jenkins on being the Ecumenical Youth Rep, including attending the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference.


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