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Meet the Team

Amy Adams is the Learning & Development Coordinator for the Cymru Wales region. Within the team, Amy has oversight of the training of tutors and mentors for 'Worship: Leading and Preaching', support for Candidates, and CDiM. Her particular interests include MBTI, Supervision, and Positive Working Together.

Contact Amy  |  07799 900492 


Delyth Wyn Davies is a Learning & Development Officer for the Cymru Wales region. Her main areas of work are supporting development work in Synod Cymru, Worship: Leading and Preaching, 3Generate and Positive Working Together. Her particular interests include church reviews and development, small groups, ecumenical work and Gŵyl Coda Festival. She is the point of contact for all Welsh language work.

Contact Delyth  |  07799 902576 



Gareth Bennett is a Learning & Development Officer for the Cymru Wales region. Gareth's main areas of work are supporting Safeguarding training, working alongside the youth work oversight group Momentwm, and 3Generate. Gareth’s interests include developing understanding of our physicality as a part of our spirituality, any and all sports, and working with young people. 

Contact Gareth  |  07799 900485 





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Our Priorities for 2019/2020

Although we will aim to help you with any learning or development that you or your church need, we also have key areas of work that we are focussing on in any given year. These are chosen in consultation with both national and local leaders. If your area of interest isn't on this list, then please still get in touch. Our priorities this year are: 

  • Improving our connectedness with Methodist Church in Wales through Paper and Electronic Communication, the Learning & Development Forum, attendance at Synods, Circuit Meetings and worship
  • Positive Working Together, especially dealing with Bullying and Harassment training
  • Training facilitators for Marriage and Relationships conversations
  • Theological and Biblical Literacy through “Theology Unwrapped”, supporting Worship: Learning and Preaching and Addoli: Arwain a Phregethu, and developing appropriate events for CLPD
  • Children’s, Youth, and Intergenerational Support
  • Our Church’s Future Story in both Synods
  • Supporting the Wales Synod Vocations initiatives
  • “Wholly Included” workshop on Mental Health
  • Encouraging Evangelism, focussed on small group support, “If my People” initiative in Wales, and sharing stories
  • Supporting Synod Cymru’s theme of Outreach

Get in Touch

You can contact us directly using the details above, or you can follow us on Facebook below. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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