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Meet the Team

Gary Williams is the Learning & Development Coordinator for the Scotland & Shetland region. He has experience in mission and evangelism, community engagement and development, and is a specialist in youth and community work. Gary leads our work with social action, gospel leaders, connecting disciples, fresh expressions and pioneer ministry, as well as our participation in the Solas festival in Scotland. 

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Lorraine Darlow is a Learning & Development Officer for the Scotland & Shetland region. She has
experience in learning development, qualification delivery, organisational development, pastoral and preaching ministries, and is a specialist in ministry with children, young people and families. Lorraine leads our work with biblical engagement, youth and children’s ministry, congregational development, safeguarding, the ONE Programme and our participation in 3Generate.

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Our Priorities for 2019/2020

Although we will aim to help you with any learning or development that you or your church need, we also have key areas of work that we are focussing on in any given year. These are chosen in consultation with both national and local leaders. If your area of interest isn't on this list, then please still get in touch. Our priorities this year are: 

  • Encouraging and enabling biblical literacy that develops on-going engagement with scripture in a manner which is relevant, honest and life-changing
  • Supporting engagement in social action to respond to needs, develop relationships and build communities, where people from both inside and outside church do life together and share the things which matter to them
  • Enabling worship and ministry with children, young people and intergenerational gatherings
  • Facilitating and supporting the Youth, Children’s and Family Ministries Forum, and participation in the ONE Programme and 3Generate
  • Delivering Advanced Module Safeguarding training and Foundation trainer development
  • Enabling evangelism and discipleship through developing gospel leaders, connecting disciples, and bespoke support
  • Encouraging congregational review and mission planning by supporting churches to create appropriate plans and also creating learning opportunities to enhance those plans
  • Encouraging and supporting development for pioneer ministry and fresh expressions of church
  • Providing support and learning opportunities for those involved in candidating, worship leading, and preaching
  • Enabling ecumenical learning and participation through involvement with other denominations and partner organisations

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