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Meet the Team

Rachel McCallam is the Learning & Development Coordinator for the Yorkshire Plus region. Her areas of work include managing the team and the work plan; facilitating safeguarding, line-management, supervision and lay employees training; and providing support for pioneers, Positive Working Together,  and those seeking to become school chaplains.  Rachel enables bespoke visioning and mission development within local churches and circuits and is a spiritual accompanist; passionate about enabling people to deepen their faith and explore their spirituality.

Contact Rachel  |  07799 900478 


Carla Quenet is a Learning & Development Officer for the Yorkshire Plus region. She is the aligned officer to the Yorkshire West District.  Her work portfolio includes supporting pioneers, facilitating safeguarding training, practitioner days, Bible Month, Thy Kingdom Come, and enabling bespoke training within local churches and circuits. Carla is passionate about finding ways to share faith effectively and exploring ways of being disciples of Jesus in the 21st century.

Contact Carla  |  |  07772 979670 


Graham Jones is a Learning & Development Officer for the Yorkshire Plus region. He is the aligned officer to the Yorkshire North and East District.  His work portfolio includes supporting the Worship: Leading & Preaching course and candidates for ordained ministry; organising retreats for presbyters, deacons and lay employees, and facilitating safeguarding training; providing line management, lay leadership and supervision training, and enabling bespoke learning within local churches and circuits. Graham is committed to developing healthy relationships and authentic spirituality amongst Christian people and their communities.

Contact Graham  |  07799 902574 

Sara 'Siggy' Parratt-Halbert is a Learning & Development Officer for the Yorkshire Plus region. Siggy is the aligned officer for the Sheffield District.  Her work portfolio includes encouraging and supporting Forest Church, workshops on female saints and feminist theology, graphic facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, exploring new ways of being church, and bespoke mission and discipleship workshops with local churches and circuits. Siggy is eager to encourage churches to lead a life of mission, discipleship, and deeper spirituality.

Contact Siggy  |  07799 902575 





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Our Priorities for 2019/2020

To support the Methodist Church in living out Our Calling (to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission through: worship, learning and caring, service,  and evangelism) the Yorkshire Plus team is focusing on the following priorities (identified by the Regional Learning and Development Forum):

  • Circuit leadership team development
  • Lay employees and lay pastors training and development days
  • Line managers training and development days
  • Positive Working Together training – Growing through Conflict, Bullying and Harassment
  • Supporting pioneering – and developing New Places for New People
  • Supporting the work of resourcing churches
  • Supporting those who lead worship with a particular focus on promoting the work of The Vine and resourcing Local Own Arrangements
  • Supervision briefings and refreshers for those who have been in supervision for some time.
  • Delivering safeguarding training for Advanced Module for local preachers and others and training the trainers for Foundation Module and Refresher Modules.

This is not an exhaustive list so please contact a member of the regional team if you have a piece of work or a project that you would like to develop. 

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