Journals, Papers and Publications for Study

The journals, papers and publications below may be of interest for private or group study. 

The items hosted or linked here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Methodist Church in Britain. 

Holiness is an open access online journal carrying peer-reviewed articles inviting ecumenical dialogue on what holy living means in the contemporary world, encouraging scholarly debate on questions of importance to those of Methodist/Wesleyan tradition around the world, and providing a forum for cross-cultural and creative theological engagement with the Wesleyan corpus in worship and study. It is produced by Wesley House, Cambridge. 

Theology and Ministry is a free, online, peer-reviewed annual publication featuring innovative work at the interdisciplinary interface of theological study and ministerial practice and reflection. It is produced by St John's College, Durham. 

The Methodist Conference papers for study

Every year, the Conference recommends particular papers for study to the members. Below are the papers recommended for study by the 2019 Conference. 

God in Love Unites Us: The Report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019

Ancillary documents to God in Love Unites Us

3Generate 2018 - Methodist Children and Youth Assembly

Developments in Reaffirming Our Calling

The Theology and Ecclesiology Underpinning the Diaconate and the Methodist Diaconal Order

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