Connecting Disciples

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Connecting Disciples 2018 - the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network conference for Methodist lay employees and children and youth workers

Come and join us to explore ideas and approaches to use in your context under the banner of "Faith:Life:Work" while getting a chance to consider how to rejuvenate and refresh your own discipleship along the way.

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend three workshop sessions and each session has a choice of four topics. Further details can be found in the PDFs below. Please choose one topic from each session and book your workshop tickets at the same time as your event ticket. 


1-3 June 2018 |  Cliff College, Calver, Derbyshire


The new look CD2018 takes a holistic approach to learning. Over the 3 days there are opportunities to worship, pray, think & learn... not to mention have a little fun.

If you are a layworker/employee of any description come and get involved.


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