Devotion resources

Six practices of devotion
Prayer, fasting, searching the Scriptures, pilgrimage, giving and journaling are six disciplines of devotion which can help us in our discipleship.

The Spiritual Practices of Jesus
A six-session resource for small groups, that gives an overview of the different activities recorded in the life of Jesus and the experience of putting them into practice.

A Class of your Own  (pdf)
a step-by-step easy guide to running a brief (30 minute) four session class meeting after worship or during the week

Called and Gifted (pdf)
Naomi Oates offers some thoughts on how we approach roles and tasks to which we have been called or appointed.



Praying with Art (pdf)
Sarah Middleton introduces the Methodist Modern Art Collection and its resource Creative Spirit, as well as offering a way to reflect on pictures and use them as an aid to prayer. 

Beginning again with prayer  (pdf)
Accompanying text: Some suggestions to begin or develop your prayer life.

What are we doing when we pray? (pdf)
Howard Mellor gives a personal response to this question about what it means both for him and to him.

Reflecting on the Lord's Prayer (pdf)
Ed Mackenzie offers some insight into the Lord's Prayer, along with ways that you can pray it more deeply.

Seven Benefits of Praying Together  (pdf)
Jonathan Oloyede lists seven different biblical benefits or outcomes of prayer


The Bible and Personal Devotion

Six simple tips for reading the Bible (pdf)
Half a dozen easy ways for everyone to engage with the Bible as part of their discipleship 

Understanding the Old Testament: Jesus and the Joy of Texts  (pdf)
An exploration as to how our understanding of the Old Testament can enlighten our reading of the whole of Scripture

Keeping a Spiritual Journal (pdf)
David Lawrence writes about the advantages of keeping a spiritual journal and offer some helpful advice to those interested in starting one.

Meditating on Scripture (pdf)
Paul Wilson describes the benefits of this way of reading the Bible and offers some encouragement

Writing a rule of life (pdf)
Venture FX's Ian Bell explores a rule of life for Christian living and invites you to create your own

Living by a Rule of Life (pdf)
Adapted from the 2011/2012 Methodist Diaconal Order magazine, this article explains the concept behind a rule of life and offers some useful 'rules' for keeping one.

Finding Balance with a Rule of Life (pdf)
Andrew Carter shares his personal experience in following a rule of life.


Grace and Stewardship

The grace of giving (pdf)
Although the subject of money is oft avoided in church, how we use our money and how we give is a fundamental part of our discipleship.

A Biblical Perspective on Budgeting (pdf)
Steve Pierce and Debbie Wright from Stewardship show how budgeting and use of money is part of every Christian's discipleship.



Exploring pilgrimage   (pdf)
An introduction to the value of pilgrimage in discipleship, with some practical examples 

See also the Pilgrimage section



Director of the Inspire Network Philip Meadows, offers three reflections on the spiritual discipline of fasting:

Fasting as a spiritual practice (pdf) 

Fasting in Scripture (pdf)

Developing the habit of fasting (pdf)

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