The pilgrimage reference group

The following people took part in the one-off "Methodist Pilgrimage Reference Group" consultation at Cliff College in November 2015 which produced most of the thinking behind these pilgrimage pages.  They are willing to be contacted for further information - contact details available from David Harmer at  

  • Joy Adams: Non-stipendiary presbyter in Sheffield with role developing spirituality and spiritual accompaniment.  Chaplain of Whirlow Spirituality Centre.  Engaged in self-guided retreat in Palestine.
  • Jill Baker: Lay person based in Glasgow.  Through Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB) involved in leading walking pilgrimages to Lindisfarne and group pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine.  Co-facilitator of Reference Group.
  • Gillian Kingston: Interim vice-chair/vice-chair-designate of World Methodist Council; former lay leader of the Methodist Church in Ireland.  Chaplain at University College, Dublin & has led groups of students on 5 occasions on different parts of the Camino (fund-raising - see below).  Also led pilgrimage to Rome and interested in local pilgrimage (e.g. St. Finbarr's Walk - see our Events page for news of a forthcoming walk along this route)
  • Gill Mackenzie: Lay person based in Burton-on-Trent.  Participated in MWiB walking pilgrimage to Lindisfarne and 2015 MWiB pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine.
  • Tony Moodie: Discipleship Development coordinator for DMLN.  Theological interest in pilgrimage; commitment to "no separation between sacred and secular"; aware of significance of sacred places.
  • Stephen Skuce: Director of Research, Scholarship and Innovation for DMLN.  Sees life as pilgrimage, "ceaseless wandering" (not ticking boxes).  Involved in mission trips in past and more recently study tours to Israel/Palestine, Lindisfarne and Rome.  Co facilitator of Reference Group.
  • Adam Stevenson: Presbyter in Oxford.  Incoming chair of Methodist Sacramental Fellowship; trustee of Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust (which undertakes pilgrimage to Walsingham every two years).  Has spent time in Lindisfarne and engaged in "Journey of Reconciliation" to Palestine/Israel earlier this year.
  • Simon Topping: Presbyter in Gloucester.  Took part in pilgrimage from London to Canterbury long ago; recently involved in organising pilgrimage for young adults to Tolpuddle, as a way of engaging with them in a context of faith-building/discipleship.  Awareness of Methodist roots in social justice (also organised marches ("quasi-pilgrimages") for Jubilee 2000 and Make Poverty History).
  • Karen Turner: Lay person in York.  Coordinates internship scheme for young people in York/Hull.  Participated in 3-generational pilgrimage along St. Cuthbert's Way with her own family.
  • Others had fed thinking into the conversation: including Rev. Dr. Jane Leach, presbyter & pilgrim; Mrs. Sarah Friswell, chair of heritage committee, pilgrim and (at that time) Pilgrimage officer in Anglican Cathedral. 


Many others around the Connexion and further afield are also engaged with pilgrimage or different related activities.  Districts may hold lists of those locally offering of those offering spiritual direction or accompaniment (both Methodist and ecumenical). 

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