Resources for evangelism

The Methodist understanding of evangelism (Pdf)
An introduction to what Methodism means by evangelism

Never had it so good? Evangelism and discipleship with the Missing Generation (Pdf)
The challenges in spreading the good news to people aged 25-40. With questions to inspire further thought and reflection.

Ten questions to help your church become more welcoming (Pdf)
Ed Mackenzie offers a range of thoughts and practical suggestions.

Fifty ideas for mission (Pdf)
Here are a range of different suggestions to help you build relationships with people and to engage with the local community. 

Tell Show Be script (with notes) (Pdf)
This version of the script includes some background notes, explaining why certain words and phrases were chosen.

Tell Show Be discussion guide (Pdf)
Notes to help you lead a small group session on the Tell Show Be animation, helping participants to reflect on evangelism and what they can do.

Tell Show Be:  how to … create a social media campaign  (Pdf)
This guide offers questions and observations from the process of creating Tell Show Be. Hopefully it will helps others thinking of doing something similar.

Community Festivals and the Local Church  (Pdf)
Some helpful pointers as to how the church can play their part in community festivals

Engaging with Mission in the UK Context (Pdf)
Looking at elements of UK culture of society, how might the church reach out to people

Lessons learned from losing faith (Pdf)
Andy Frost shares the fruit of his conversations with people who used to call themselves Christians

Gateways to God (Pdf)
How connected are we with the community? Your church might consider carrying out an audit using this resource

How to use D:Sign  (Pdf)
D:Sign is a three-part resource aimed at stimulating conversations on what living life to the full might be like.

How to run a film club  (Pdf)
Some helpful suggestions on what you can do to start a film club

How to run a book club  (Pdf)
Useful advice on beginning a book club

Can good news be proclaimed?  (Pdf)
Paul Dunstan makes a case for proclamation evangelism.

The plan as a missional tool  (Pdf)
Tim Woolley and Tim Lea suggest ideas of how you can be more creative with the circuit plan to share the gospel

Is Rural Evangelism Possible?  (Pdf)
Simon Martin from the Arthur Rank Centre counters the belief that evangelism in rural communities is hard and gives some useful pointers and support

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