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Spirituality Menu
We have put together a menu to support your spiritual life.  Its headings are Starters, Something More Substantial, Sharing Plate, Classic, Refreshment, Children’s Menu.  Click on this link and it will take you to a live-link copy of the menu which means you can just click through to all the resources.  We have given away all the paper copies of the menu, but if you want a big order to give away do get in touch with Edel.

Book Reviews
Colossians: Hope in Desperate Times (2019) - Revd D Kevin Jones - Book
Who is it for?  This book on Colossians is for personal Bible study, for group Bible study and for preachers.
What is its purpose?  This book has been produced to support Bible Month 2019, and is a helpful resource for anyone wanting to explore the message of Colossians for today.
The review: in ‘Colossians – Hope in Desperate Times’, Kevin provides helpful teaching about life and faith in first century Colosse.  He also considers the application of Paul’s message for today for individual Christians, for church life and for the world in which we live.  Kevin explores the greatness, the supremacy, of Jesus Christ past, present and future.  He also explains how our relationship with God, through Christ, can enable us to experience help and hope within the ups and downs of life.  At the end of each chapter Kevin has provided helpful questions for individuals and groups to consider.  This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to explore Colossians.
Where can this be obtained?  Methodist Evangelicals Together or by emailing or by phoning Revd Derek Balsdon 07958 549146.
Reviewed by Revd Derek Balsdon - 16/03/2019 

Social Activism: A Youth Worker's guide to activism and discipleship (2017) - Nigel Pimlott - Booklet
Who is it for?  Youth workers, but also anyone interested in activism and discipleship.
What is its purpose?  To inspire action to close the gap between what God intended for the world and how it currently is.
The review: this excellent short booklet is full of inspiration for everyone, though is specifically aimed at those working with young people.  Easy to read with real life examples, Biblically backed and a great list of practical suggestions for action, this resource is ideal for anyone in need of encouragement in living out the dual commands to love God and our neighbour.
Where can this be obtained? or 01223 464748
Reviewed by Kristie Legg - 23/10/2018

Talking of God Together - The Methodist Church - Booklet/Small group resource
Who is it for?  Small groups.
What is its purpose?  To help Methodist people talk together about faith and God.
The review: this book includes five session plans to help groups pray together, think about their understanding and experience of God, and share this within the group.  Each session includes a wide range of suggested material, including material for prayer, poetry, Scripture readings and reflection sessions.  There is also a 'how to use this resource' section for those who facilitate the group.
Where can this be obtained?
Reviewed by Edel McClean - 06/11/2018



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