The North West & Mann regional team consists of nine members of staff. 
Each member of staff has a specialism area that they take a lead role in, as detailed below.

Left to right: Kristie Legg, Brec Seaton, Edel McClean, Jasmine Devadason, Alison Ransome, Alison Ball, Melody Clarke, Simon Sutcliffe and Alison Hulse.

Alison Ransome
 has an overall coordination role, acts as the point of contact for the Isle of Man.
Mobile: 07799 900474

Brec Seaton acts as the point of contact for Cumbria District, and leads on Positive Working Together (bullying and harassment, and conflict transformation), pastoral care training, circuit vision and strategy, rural ministry.  She has a keen interest in social action, particularly in the field of Domestic Abuse and in Conflict Transformation.  She is involved in developing programmes and initiatives within the Methodist Church in partnership with Place for Hope to better equip Church leaders who experience Conflict and Bullying behaviour.  She is an accredited Mediator and a volunteer Practitioner with Place for Hope.  Brec lives in Cumbria where she enjoys the outdoors and quiet reflective spaces.
Mobile: 07799 900469

Jasmine Devadason acts as the point of contact for Bolton & Rochdale District, and leads on Worship: Leading & Preaching, Candidates Support and Biblical Literacy.
Mobile: 07799 902560

Kristie Legg is new to the team, she acts as point of contact for Lancashire District, and leads on Local Lay Pastors, Lay Employees, and supports circuit vision and strategy.
Mobile: 07799 902582
This is what she says about herself; growing up in Stoke in the 70/80s, I then went to university and chatted to lots of people about their faith for a PhD on sacred space for Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Moving to Lancashire in 1999 to train young people as peer mentors to welcome diversity in schools, I then had children whom I continue to learn a great deal from.  I enjoy many things but especially cake, trees and singing in a gospel choir.  I am a Methodist member and very involved in my local church.  I has been volunteering since school days and comes to us after a decade of paid work coordinating volunteers for a charity.  I’m very excited about this Learning and Development role and all the people I’m going to meet because for me relationships are of utmost importance, indeed I prefer the pseudonym of Kristie Lovelovelove as that's what I think it's all about.

Melody Clarke is new to the team and acts as point of contact for Liverpool District, and leads Fresh Expressions, ONE programme and Youth Participation.
Mobile: 07817 807555
This is what she says about herself; my background is in children's work and for the last five years I have worked in multiple primary schools to connect them with faith and with their local church.  I am passionate about making the Bible engaging and exciting for those who find it hard to know where to start!  I studied drama and theatre at university and love putting these skills to use in my work.  I am married and have an adorable toy poodle called Rey.

Simon Sutcliffe is new to the team and acts as the point of contact for Manchester & Stockport District, and leads on Theological literacy, Vocational exploration and supports Continual Development in Ministry.
Mobile: 07799 902578
This is what he says about himself; I am a Methodist minister ordained at the 2005 conference.  I’ve served two Circuit appointments in the Chester and Stoke-on-Trent District until 2010 when I became one of the first Venture FX pioneers.  Since 2011 I have also worked as part time tutor for evangelism and church growth (later tutor for evangelism and pioneering ministries) at Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham.  I have also been part of the Pioneer Pathways design team.  I’m passionate about belonging to a learning church that can think theologically about the interface between church and world. I’m excited to be a member of the Learning Network team helping local churches engage more fruitfully with our theological tradition and their contexts.  My spare time is mostly taken up by a large family, but every so often I get to escape to the mountains with a tent for a few nights or kayak down a river; and once a season I make a pilgrimage back home to watch Bradford City (lose).

Alison Ball is new to the team and works four days a week with us where she acts as point of contact for Chester & Stoke-on-Trent District, and leads on Discipleship resourcing and enabling Circuits to develop intentional discipleship strategies, Circuit steward training, pastoral supervision, 3rd Age Spirituality.
Mobile: 07799 902583
A bit about Alison; she joins us from the South West Learning Network as she has moved further north.  Alison was the coordinator in the SW so comes to us with a huge amount of experience and expertise.  Alison has two dogs and loves adventures in her campervan.

Edel McClean works three days a week with us and leads on Spiritual life and enabling circuits to develop intentional discipleship strategies, and supports Continual Development in Ministry.
Mobile: 07799 902563

Alison Hulse works 2½ days a week with us and leads on the Children & Youth Work Enabler Project, is the point of contact for Pioneer Ministries.
Mobile: 07799 900480

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