Children & Youth Work Enabler Project

Welcome to your District Children & Youth Work Enabler team...

Aims of the project:

Your District and a Methodist Connexional grant and regional training funds have clubbed together in a new project where all the Districts in this learning & development region are working together to help volunteers and paid staff working with children and young people to be:

  • excited about deepening their own discipleship
  • increasingly confident in their skill as children or youth workers
  • increasingly confident in enabling children and young people's participation so so that increasingly children & young people are:
  • able to fully participate in their own faith journey
  • able to fully participate in the life of the church

The Isle of Man is working slightly differently due to its context but the aims are the same in all Districts.  For Cumbria, Lancashire, Bolton & Rochdale, Manchester & Stockport, Liverpool, Chester & Stoke-on-Trent there are people appointed to work on this project, and introductions to them are in the sub-folders.

How the project works

Firstly we need to know who is leading and helping to lead children's and youth work in each church.  A questionnaire is being, or has been, sent out to each church.  If you received that then please complete it or pass on to someone else to complete.  If we are to support people then we need to know who they are.
The District Children & Youth Work Enablers look at the picture of what type of work is happening where and between them they are accompanying different projects, and churches and schemes to learn from you what you are doing well and to find out what the struggles are. This learning will be shared with the churches the Enablers are accompanying, and also shared widely with us all.

In year two, there will be opportunity for training for volunteers with children & young people and the enablers will invite you to events or approach you to see about putting something on in your church.

Throughout all of this the learning about what works well will be shared and the barriers which make it hard for adults who work with children & young people in church will be worked with to be reduced.

What next...

Your District puts not only money in to this project but also a couple of people to act as the support group to the project, and these people will be updating various District committees etc with the stories and news.  In due course the District will decide if it wants to continue the project or take it in a new direction or end it after the three years.

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