Connexional research projects

The Methodist Church in Britain: a growing movement?

The Research Officers in the Connexional Team undertook a significant piece of research which sought to answer 3 broad questions:

What does growth look like in the contemporary Methodist Church?
Where can growth be found?
How can growth be encouraged and nurtured?


The Missing Generation

The 'missing generation' refers to people aged 25-40 (roughly, generations X and Y in sociological terms), who are increasingly missing from many Methodist congregations. In 2010, a 12 month research project explored why this is the case and what might be done about it.

One aspect of this project was the gathering of case studies from churches who have a smooth age profile within their congregations, including a significant number of people in their 20s and 30s. These were then the focus of a discussion session at the 2010 Methodist Conference, in which Conference Representatives had the opportunity to share thoughts on the issue.

The Research and Statistics team spent a year gathering information from across the Connexion and reported the results of the project to the 2011 Methodist Conference.

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Leading Together in Growing Methodist Churches

This study was based on six growing Methodist congregations in the north east of England, with the hope that the five characteristics found in these congregations are applicable to wider British Methodism. This research can be read alongside recent research into the missional impact of Regrouping for Mission, with ongoing research into enangelism within Methodism and Fresh Expressions within Methodism, and earier research to build up a suite of evidence based insights to assist the mission of the Methodist Church. See HERE for the report.


Regrouping for Mission Research

Following Notice of Motion 204 at Methodist Conference 2015, and under direction of the Methodist Council, the Strategic Research Team of the Methodist Church, with the involvement of the Susanna Wesley Foundation, undertook research between October 2015 and March 2017 to seek to provide an understanding of the impact of the Regrouping for Mission process on the Methodist Church.

See HERE for the Executive Summary report and HERE for the complete report. 

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