Regional research groups

A small number of regional research groups are in the process of being established.

Some already exist (for example in Sheffield) and it is hoped that it will be possible to establish perhaps six or seven additional groups. These groups will develop as is appropriate locally but will likely include a small number of senior Methodist researchers, a small number of people who are interested in developing research, as well as a small number of people who might have a background in another discipline but look forward to theological conversation at a different level to what might normally happen in local church and circuit settings.

There will be groups that are established and groups that already serve such a purpose but perhaps could be better known and recognised.


Sheffield area 

This group meets approx twice per year. Please contact Revd Dr John Vincent or Rev'd Dr Noel Irwin.


Sarum College 

This groups meets approx 3 times per year.  Please contact Prof John Evans for more details


Oxford Brookes

This group meets approx twice per year.  Please contact  Dr Hamish Leese for more details  


Bristol area      

Please contact Revd Dr Peter Hatton  (under consideration)


North East     

This group is being established and meets in conjunction with the Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Research Seminars at Wesley Study Centre, Durham.  Please see contact Penny Bissel to book in (at no cost) for any of the seminars.



Please contact Revd Dr Mark Jason (under consideration)


If you think there is value in such a group in your area, please contact the Dr Hamish Leese to discuss this possibility.

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