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Methodists have contributed greatly to education in Britain, and throughout the world.  Schools, universities, theological and Bible Colleges have been established and individuals have become leading thinkers in a broad range of disciplines.

Today the church still encourages the Methodist people to think through our faith, part of this being done through higher education.  There are a number of ways in which the church seeks to help this.

Doctoral Study Guide
We have produced a brief Doctoral Study Guide to help point you to useful institutions and make potential PhD candidates aware of Colleges' subject specialisms, costs and contact details. The colleges listed are not the only potential colleges but our among the main British Methodist or Methodist related institutions. See HERE for the guide. 

Methodist presbyters and deacons who are in appointments under the control of the Methodist Conference are invited to apply for financial support for HE study.  Please see  HERE for application form and HERE for eligibility criteria for 2019. Application forms are to be submitted to  by 20 May 2019.

Methodist employees who work full-time or part-time for a Methodist congregation, circuit or district may be eligible for some support for HE study.  Please see HERE for application form and HERE for the eligibility criteria for 2019. Application forms are to be submitted to  by 20 May 2019. 

All Methodists involved in pioneering may be able to receive support for additional study to help their pioneering activity.  This might include an HE award or a Cliff College certificate programme. Please click HERE for the formal learning course request form for those who are engaged with Methodist Pioneering Pathways (MPP). Click HERE for the application form for financial support for formal learning courses for those who are engaged with MPP. Guidance and criteria for the MPP formal learning application can be found HERE.

All Methodists may be eligible for support undertaking Cliff College certificate programmes.  For the range of college certificate programmes please see HERE and please contact your Regional Coordinator to discuss this further.

Methodists who are interested in formal theological study are encouraged to consider the various programmes on offer at the two centres of the DMLN - Cliff College and The Queen's Foundation.  Study is open to lay and ordained and ranges from undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees, through a broad range of MA programmes to research degrees including MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorate in Missiology.

Methodists who are interested in less formal theological study   are encouraged to consider the various programmes on offer at Cliff College including the certificate programmesFESTIVAL and SUMMER SCHOOL.

American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant, please click HERE for details of the American Memorial Chapel Travel Grant which the Queen's Foundation is administering on behalf of the English Speaking Union.

Bill Seddon Scholarship Fund
The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church has announced a new academic scholarship in honour of Bill Seddon, the CFBs former Chief Executive. The scholarship is for those aged under 23 within Methodism (including all young people attending a Methodist School) who is, or will be, studying for their first economics, finance or business-related degree. The scholarship will pay £2,000 per annum for up to 3 years. Click HERE for details. 

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