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The Susanna Wesley Foundation are a community of scholarship which aims to equip churches and those who work in them. The Foundation promotes dialogue, research and innovation of practical relevance to churches and faith communities.

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The 4th Annual Methodist Research Conference

will take place on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 at Southlands College, London.

The Methodist Research Conference has become an annual event which offers opportunities for Methodist researchers and those engaged in Methodist-related research to present papers and share their insights. 

This year the keynote speaker is Professor Clive Marsh, Vice-President Designate of the Methodist Conference, and head of the University of Leicester’s Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning.  He will be explaining ‘Why we have to be Very, Very Careful with John Wesley’!

Along with papers and posters, there will also be an opportunity to explore the value of theological action research, using the example of a Methodist project which is being conducted by staff at the University of Roehampton, sponsored by the Susanna Wesley Foundation.

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