Discipleship Development Team

We are one of the three specialist teams of the DMLN, with particular responsibility for coordinating the work of the Network in areas relating to discipleship, mission and evangelism. We work with and through the wider group of discipleship development specialists in regional teams in order to achieve the discipleship, mission and evangelism goals of the DMLN. Amongst other areas of focus we help coordinate work relating to spiritual disciplines and faith development, the promotion of biblical literacy, small group development, and vocational exploration.

In addition, we have Connexional responsibilities such as assisting in organising various conferences, and we also serve as adjunct faculty members of Cliff College and contribute to the College's programmes. Questions relating to discipleship, mission and evangelism should normally be directed to members of your regional team, to either the regional coordinator or a team member whose specialism is discipleship development, but we are happy to answer questions of a more general nature. As a team of two, we work very closely together in most of our areas of responsibility although we do have particular areas of interest of our own.

Tony Moodie

Discipleship Development Co-ordinator
Email: moodiet@methodistchurch.org.uk 
Based at Cliff College

Tony is the coordinator for the team and works with Ed across the team's areas of responsibility although he has a particular interest in various approaches to spirituality. 


Ed Mackenzie

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