1000 letters


Can you write a letter to those attending 3Generate? A letter to help them be courageous in their faith by sharing something of your own faith story.

Could you share something about your experiences of being part of a church/faith community. Maybe you remember special people or moments from growing up in a church - could you share some of that story?



Guidance for letter writers

Thank you for writing a letter to the children and young people at 3Generate.

The purpose of the letter is to help children and young people feel connected to, and part of, the wider body of the Church; to feel part of the big Methodist family!

Who is the letter for?

  • The letter you write will be displayed at 3Generate to be read by a number of children and young people.
  • The children and young people at 3Generate will be in the age bracket of 8-23. If your letter is written particularly for younger children, or the older attendees, then please make a note of that when you post it to us. Otherwise, you can write a general letter aimed at all ages.

What to include:

  • something of your faith story – you won’t necessarily have space to include all of it, but you may think that there are parts that would be interesting for the children and young people to hear about.
  • something about your experiences of being part of a church/faith community. Maybe you were part of a church when you were younger - could you share some of that story?
  • things you have learned - again you won’t be able to include everything, but are there key things you have learned about life and faith that would be helpful to share?
  • encouragement for the younger generation to be courageous in their faith.
  • Please make sure that the language you use and the stories you refer to are appropriate for the age group.

How to write it:

  • A handwritten letter is more personal, so if it is possible for you, please do write by hand, but if you need to type it that’s fine too!
  • please don’t put your address, or any personal contact details, on the letter.
  • please don’t put your surname on the letter; simply sign it with your first name.

How long should it be?

  • Ideally your letter should be one side of A4.

Where do I send it to?

Send your completed letter to: 3Generate 1000 Letters, 6th Floor, Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR.

You can send your letter at any time, but please make sure it arrives by the end of October at the latest.

Any queries email: strachans@methodistchurch.org.uk 

If you'd prefer to email us your letter, please send it to us at: 3generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

Be part of the 1000 letters campaign!

Postcard - we have run out of postcards so please do use the  downloadable PDF 

Guidance for letter writers - downloadable version for use in your churches 

On behalf of all the children and young people who will attend 3Generate 2018, thank you!


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