3Gen Year-Round

3Generate is an event where 8-23 year olds can engage with, speak out about, and respond to issues that concern them. In so doing, the Methodist Church can hear and respond to what the children and young people are expressing.

The 3Generate Manifestos represent the issues that concern children and young people, and these can be a catalyst for conversations and actions across the Connexion - including in your local area.

In response to requests, from workers, distrcicts and circuits, for guidance on how the wider church can engage with 3Generate throughout the year, Methodist Children and Youth has produced a wall planner, which can be downloaded, printed and used as a poster or a handout.


Also available to download, and brand new for 2018, is the 3Generate Local resource pack. This contains everything you need to help you engage with the principles and outcomes of 3Generate - in your church, circuit and district - throughout the year. 


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