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3Generate 2018 | 23-25 November | Pontins, Southport

Group tickets for 2018 are now sold out - please register for waiting list tickets using the groups button below and we will contact you if event tickets become available. 

Tickets for 19-23s are still available - please use the 19-23s button below.

Weekend event tickets for 8-23 year-olds cost £110 each. Tickets for leaders are free. Tickets include accommodation, meals, sessions and activities for the weekend.

Information you'll need to book 19-23s tickets or register for waiting list tickets


  • name and email address of group leader i.e. key contact of the group (once per booking)
  • group name (once per booking)
  • Methodist District (once per booking)
  • number of tickets for 8-18s (please add names and school years in November, if possible)
  • number of tickets for 19-23s attending with the group (please add names and email addresses, where known)
  • number of tickets for leaders (please add names and email addresses, where known) - minimum 2 leaders per group with a ratio of approximately 1 leader for every 6 under-18s (more details on the Workers and Group Leaders page).


  • parents/carers of individuals between 8-18 years of age should liaise with their circuit or district to link up with a group
  • 19-23s can book individually or as part of a group.


  • families can attend as a "group" if they find it impossible to link up with another group or with others to create a group
  • parents become "leaders" (leaders require "safer recruitment" with DBS checks - please refer to the Workers and Group Leaders page for more details about safer recruitment)
  • all group members must then belong to the same family
  • we are now sold out for 2018 so please register for waiting list tickets.

Purchasing 19-23s tickets or registering for waiting list tickets

Tickets for 19-23s will be available to buy online until tickets sell out or until 14 October.

Please ensure you enter your email address accurately to receive your 19-23s ticket or waiting list confirmation email. Check your spam/junk folders before requesting a resend or contacting us to ensure we have your email if you're on the waiting list.

We appreciate that plans change so to assist with this, we can accept up to three ticket refunds, per group, for 8-18s or 19-23s until 24 September 2018. Substitutes are welcome and will not incur any charges - leaders can update the details on the event management system but should let us know about any changes after 14 October.

Tickets can be paid for using debit or credit cards (including American Express) at the time of booking, or, you can use a special code "CHQ" on your booking to enable you to pay by posting a cheque (NB: the cheque must be received within 30 days to validate the booking). If you wish to pay via BACS, please email us with your booking reference at

To pay by cheque, please refer to the 2018 Booking Guide - the code "CHQ" must be added before pressing the "Place Order" button, otherwise the booking will have to be completed using a debit or credit card.

Cheques should be made payable to The Methodist Church Fund and sent with a completed cheque form (Word or PDF) to provide the information needed to process the cheque.

Booking links

After reading the key information above, ensuring you have the details you need to hand, please click on the appropriate button below to link through to register for waiting list tickets (Groups) or to buy 19-23s tickets.

Note for those registering for waiting list tickets - event tickets can be returned until 24 September so we may not contact you until October, even if you are successful.

                      19-23s booking button 3G18

The updated Connexional Team Privacy Notice is now available here for further details about how we use personal data.

After booking or registering for waiting list tickets

Further details for leaders will be available on their Workers and Group Leaders page, on the 3Generate Forms page and at leader information days...

Information days for leaders are being held across the country - we recommend that at least one leader from every group attends but all are welcome and you don't have to attend the same meeting together.

These days include information about the event and the site, expectations of leaders, safeguarding and accommodation allocation:

  • Saturday 1 September, 11am-3pm, Birmingham
  • Tuesday 25 September, 11am-3pm, London

Further details about these days were emailed to Group Leaders - reminders will be sent to everyone over the summer, including any new bookings received before tickets sold out.


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