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Welcome to 3Generate 

Firstly, thank you for undertaking this – we look forward to welcoming you, your fellow leaders and the members of your group.

Ratio of leaders to under-18s

The expectation is that each group brings sufficient leaders to care for their number of under-18s (leaders are any safer-recruited adults accompanying and caring for the children and young people in their group):

  • each group should have a minimum of two leaders
  • for larger groups, a ratio of one leader to six children/young people aged under 18 is required
  • mixed gender groups will need at least one male and one female leader
  • extra leaders may be required to care for participants with additional needs (aged 8-23).

When registering, each group will require one "Group Leader" to act as our main contact. Although in reality the leaders within the group may share responsibilities equally, for the purposes of establishing a main contact for each group, please choose one person to act as the Group Leader (don’t worry this can be changed).

We understand that some churches may not have sufficient Youth / Children's Leaders / Workers and in some cases none, however, adults appointed through the safer recruitment process and in possession of a current DBS certificate covering "Regulated Activity" may be appointed for the purpose of the event. All adults attending the event need to have been recruited within their local context via a process of safer recruitment and should attend 3Generate with the agreement of their minister or Circuit Superintendent. Details about safer recruitment can be found further below.

Further details about the under-18 / leader ratio

3Generate has been designed to be an event where leaders can bring their groups, be accommodated close to them and care for them throughout the weekend. The event is for 8-23s so there is no provision for adults to attend the event other than in the role of a leader with a group, or, as a contributor, or, as a member of the Delivery Team (staff and volunteers).

The ratios mentioned above of 1 leader for every 6 under-18s, a minimum of 2 leaders and ensuring mixed groups have at least 1 male and 1 female leader, have been designed to ensure sufficient care and supervision of our children and young people throughout the event. Generally, the ratio should not be exceeded. However, we understand that in some circumstances this may need to be the case so where this is required we encourage extra support to attend.

If your group consists of smaller groups joining together (a few churches within a circuit, for example) it is acceptable for the leaders to share responsibility across the wider group, especially if that helps with ensuring an appropriate gender mix of leaders.

Key information

Links to web pages with useful 3Generate information:

  • About 3Generate covers general details about the event
  • booking related details are on How to book 
  • visit our leader playlist on 3GenTV (on YouTube) where you can meet Sanya and Chloe to find out more about bringing a group and what to expect at Pontins
  • news and information is on the Sneak Peek page
  • documents are on 3Generate Forms
  • those wishing to explore the manifesto, use the 3Generate Local resource pack or find out more about hearing the voice of children and young people, should visit the Agents of Change pages
  • further details about the Youth President and Youth Reps can also be found on the website - please encourage your group members to find out more about these roles, help them understand what they will be voting for in the 3Generate elections and perhaps inspire some to apply!

Leaders' Days - 2019 dates

Information days for leaders are held across the country. As well as updates about the event (including Safeguarding) and how to complete yours and the children's details on the iKnow Church event management system, the Leaders' Days will focus on enabling your 8-23s to engage with the event, with the manifesto and to make the most of this opportunity to share what matters to them with the wider church. 

The  complete list of dates for 2019 are:

All Leaders' Days will commence at 11am and finish at 3pm. Please note there will be a BSL signer at the London date.

These information days include details about the event and the site, expectations of leaders, safeguarding and accommodation allocation.

To register as a leader and/or to book for the Leaders' Days, please click on the button below:

Register leaders attending with your group and confirm attendance at Leaders' Days

Leader responsibilities

Leaders (adults bringing groups to 3Generate) should be appointed/approved by their church, circuit or district.

Leaders have overall responsibility for their group and need to obtain the necessary dietary and medical information for the children and young people in their group and add this to our event management system (powered by iKnow Church) by Sunday 15 September.

All leaders need to update their own details and upload a scan or photo of their DBS certificate.

Leaders will need to obtain consent for each under-18 in their group – a form for this can be found on the Forms page or an existing local consent form may also be used. The consent form needs to be signed by parents/guardians/carers close to the date of the event. The signed parent/carer consent form should be retained by the the Group Leader and a copy brought to the event in case it needs to be referred to. It is also possible to upload a copy to the iKnow Church system, if helpful.

Safer recruitment

All leaders accompanying groups to 3Generate will need to have gone through a process of safer recruitment within their local church, circuit or district (including parents or carers attending with young people with additional needs).

By safer recruitment, we would expect each person attending as a leader (or carer) to have:

  • completed an application for their role in the church or as a 3Generate leader (including parents)
  • provided 2 referees from which satisfactory references have been received
  • been subject to a DBS check, including a barred list check for children (as this is “regulated activity” because of overnight care)
  • had an interview/discussion with a church leader.

DBS checks should be renewed at least every 5 years. Please refer to your church secretary or minister to organise or renew, if required.


The current theme for the 2018-2019 Connexional Year is Courageous. Youth President, Jasmine Yeboah, issued this challenge to children and young people: "I dare you to be different. I dare you to be yourself. And I dare you to be courageous."

Coming soon - the 2019-2020 Youth President's theme.


3Generate has exclusive use of the Pontins site for the whole weekend. The site has a perimeter fence and the gate is manned 24-hours a day. Night stewards patrol the accommodation areas at night.

Groups stay in chalets adjacent to their leaders, who are responsible for their care throughout the event. Leaders allocate rooms within the chalets to their group members.

Leaders and participants sleep on beds in the chalets using their own sleeping bag or duvet and pillowcase (to go on the pillow provided).

Accommodation at Pontins in Southport is arranged in chalet blocks on two floors. Typically, a chalet block may have 5 chalets on the ground floor and 5 chalets on the first floor. Access to the first floor chalets is via external staircases and a continuous veranda along the front of the chalets. All chalets are accessed from the front.


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