Being a Youth Representative is an exciting experience that enables you to potentially make a difference within the Church, grow spiritually, emotionally and can potentially be life changing.

Interested in applying?

Step one: read this information about standing as a 3Gen Youth Rep.

Step two: watch one of our videos to find out more about...

... becoming a World Council Rep

... becoming an Ecumenical Rep

... becoming a Council Rep

... becoming a Conference Rep

... becoming a British Youth Council Rep

... new for 2018! Social Justice Rep (video not available) - see below for more information.

Please be aware, to stand for either the Council Rep or Conference Rep roles you will need to attend 3Generate.

Step three: complete the application form and return to*.

*If you struggle to open the Word version of the application form (above) then it is also available as a PDF, which can be printed off, completed by hand and returned to: 3Generate Administrator, Methodist Church House Floor 6, 25 Marylebone Road, NW1 5JR. Please make sure you post it with plenty of time to meet the deadline as late applications may not be accepted.

The aim of the Youth Representatives, working in different contexts, is to represent children and young people from across the Connexion (the Methodist Church across the whole of Great Britain - local, regional and national).

The Youth Reps can only do this is by meeting and consulting with young people so they can truly represent their views and take things further. In addition to this, the Youth Representatives are also a part of the Youth President's advisory group.

The role of the Youth Representatives is continually evolving! Currently you are able to keep up to date with what the Reps are doing in their contexts on Twitter: @3GenReps.

You can contact the Youth Representatives  to share your views on the Church and wider issues or invite one of them to visit your event.

So who are the Youth Reps, what do they do and which districts are they from?

NEW for 2018: Social Justice Rep

This role will link with the international development charity All We Can, and with the Joint Public Issues Team. Both of these organisations, which partner with the Methodist Church, are concerned with taking action for social justice and helping to improve the lives of people across the world. This is a vital role helping these organisations to hear and respond to the voice of children and young people, and also equipping you to champion social justice, and the work of these organisations, with children and young people in Methodism. As a Rep you would have the opportunity to attend the Peace and Justice Forum (for 18-25s), which meets twice a year, and would attend other relevant meetings and events for both organisations. The Rep would also be involved in the Agents of Change programme at 3Generate, helping people to explore how they can take action and be a good neighbour.

This is ideally a two-year post for someone aged 18+.

Methodist Conference Reps

  • Ruth Hall (Newcastle District term time, Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury non-term)
  • Liberty Dane (Nottingham & Derby District)
  • Kira Barfoot (Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District)

The Methodist Church has a big meeting once a year called Methodist Conference. Approximately 300 individuals, who represent different groups of people within Methodism, come together for a week to make decisions about the life of our Church. This could be about things like theology (what we think about God and faith), budgets (how we spend our money), our viewpoints on current social issues and much more. People go to the front and give their view on the different debates and then everyone votes for a decision. There are people representing every Methodist district in Great Britain and people representing different groups within the Church - including four Youth Representatives for children and young people. Three are elected at 3Generate every year with two from the ages of 15-18 and one aged 18-23.

Methodist Council Reps

  • Roxanne Bromley (Yorkshire West)
  • Ruth Hall (Newcastle District term time, Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury non-term)
  • Gemma Curtis (Northamptonshire District)

Methodist Council is the governing body of the Methodist Church. It's a group of about 60 people, who meet four times a year for a day or two to work on and think about things between Conferences and on behalf of Methodist Conference. They look at what needs to be done to make the Conference decision happen. They hear from, reflect on and respond to staff and groups on how work on those things is going, and make sure that, by the time Conference comes around again, reports can be presented in a way that means that responsible decisions can be made. Currently we have two Methodist Council Youth Representatives. This is a two year post and the Reps need to be aged 18-23 when they begin their role. The Reps will have to attend six Council meetings over the two years they are in post.

Ecumenical Rep 

  • Jack Key (Sheffield District)
  • Samuel Ebden (London District)

Ecumenical means to involve people from different kinds (or 'denominations') of Christian churches (such as the Church of England or United Reformed Church) The 3Generate Ecumenical Representatives are responsible for building relationships with the young people in other churches and talking to youth organisations working in different denominations. This can involve going to events that are similar to 3Generate (if they have them), smaller group meetings or developing the role to encompass other activities.

An "EcRep" will be expected to go to a couple of these events a year, but outside of this is encouraged to find activities that match personal interests, for example one of the EcReps recently attended an ecumenical conference.

An EcRep would be representing young Methodists on a national platform and does require national travel.

British Youth Council Reps

  • Callum Bentley (Nottingham and Derby District)
  • Grace Burnett (Yorkshire North and East)
  • Alysha Wilson (Scotland term-time, Beds, Essex and Hearts non-term)
  • Jasmine Roberts (Newcastle District term-time, Nottingham & Derby non-term)

The British Youth Council (BYC) is a charity run by and for young people, which aims to empower youth across the UK to have a say and be heard, influencing and informing the decisions that affect their lives. BYC provides loads of support for young people to get involved with democracy locally, nationally and internationally. The wide variety opportunities it offers are amazing.  Young people who are a part of BYC lobby parliament, formulate campaigns - and can go to different meetings and events to have their say and gain understanding and training. Currently we have four Methodist Youth Representatives on the British Youth Council.

World Reps

  • Roxanne Bainbridge (Wales Synod)

The 3Generate World Representatives are part of the British World Methodist Committee. This committee meets a couple of times every year, and discusses issues relating to Methodism on a world-wide scale.

A 'World Rep' is also a member of the World Methodist Council (WMC). The Council is an association of 80 member churches all sharing the Methodist tradition. It aims to engage, empower and serve the member churches by encouraging Methodist unity in witness, facilitating mission in the world, and fostering ecumenical and inter-religious activities.

The Council meets at least twice every five years and the World Reps meet people from other member churches. As part of the Council's work, the World Reps may be asked to serve on a sub-committee to engage with specific work of the WMC. This can be based on the Rep's own personal interests.

The World Reps are representing young British Methodists on a world-wide platform. This role therefore does require international travel. Currently we have one World Representative.

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