Getting to know and learn about people in our communities

The 2019 3Generate Manifesto asks the Methodist Church to get to know and learn about more people in our local communities so that we build relationships, break down barriers and stop prejudice.

Resources to support interfaith work

We are really lucky that the organisation The Feast has produced the following resources for 3Generate, which are available to download here with permission:

Resources for community engagement

Community Engagement: A Simple Guide, produced by the Diocese of Oxford, helps you to think about your local community and how you might serve it.

Your Guide to Church-Led Community Transformation from the Cinnamon Network is a helpful resource that includes ideas for learning more about your community and key principles for starting a community project.

Rural Isolation and Loneliness Toolkit developed by the Arthur Rank Centre for use within rural areas, this toolkit helps churches identify and reach out to the lonely and isolated.    


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