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Click here to watch the promo video for 3Generate 2018, featuring footage of the 2017 event.



We’re delighted to launch our range of #Courageous merchandise to celebrate 3Generate 2018. If we don’t have the t-shirts or sweatshirts in the size required or if the size has sold out, it will be possible to pay for and order these at the event. As you will see, we’ve kept the prices at cost to maximise affordability and we hope you’ll love the items even more when you see them at 3Generate.



Meet this year's Youth President candidates! 

At this year's 3Generate there are two young people standing for election for the post of Methodist Youth President 2019-20. 

To find out more about Liberty and Thelma, visit the 3Generate YouTube channel to watch their videos, in which they tell you a little bit about themselves and also their proposed themes and projects.

If you have children or young people who are attending this year, encourage them to watch and start thinking now about who they might want to vote for.

Youth Reps

Encourage your young people to put themselves forward at 3Generate... 

We have only had a few applications to be a Methodist Youth Rep and we are looking for more! Being a rep is a fantastic opportunity for those aged 16-23 – a chance to be part of a team, travel to different places and meet new people and speak out on behalf of children and young people. These are the roles we are looking for:  

  • Methodist Conference Rep To speak on behalf of children and young people as they report to the annual Methodist Conference, particularly about 3Generate. (3 positions available)             
  • Methodist Council Rep To attend the three Methodist Council meetings and represent 3Generate and all children and young people in the discussions and decisions that take place. (1 position available)   
  • British Youth Council (BYC) Rep To attend BYC meetings and events and feedback to children and young people within the Methodist Church, encouraging them to campaign about issues that matter. (4 positions available)         
  • Ecumenical Rep To represent the children and young people of the Methodist Church at a variety of youth events and conferences hosted by other churches. (2 positions available) 
  • Social Justice Rep To work alongside All We Can and the Joint Public Issues Team, two organisations that partner with the Methodist Church to challenge social injustice. (1 position available) 

If you know people who would be interested please encourage them to apply before 3Generate. More details are available online, along with an application form.

Donating sleeping bags

We can be and are Agents of Change and we really want 3Generate to make a difference to all that are involved in it. We also really want its influence to spread and reach way beyond our weekend together. One way we can do this is by taking what we have and sharing it with others. We would like to invite you to join us in taking action. There is no pressure to respond - only if you feel you are able and want to respond in this way.

For the last couple of years, Nigel Pimlott from the Learning Network, has been organising trips to Calais to do voluntary work with the refugees stranded there. He collects emergency food, clothes and essentials and takes them to one of the charities in France, before then going out onto the streets to give to those refugees in need. Nigel volunteers with Care4Calais who have been helping and delivering aid to refugees in Northern France and Belgium since the start of the current crisis. They are volunteer run and Nigel has found them to be a very compassionate organisation that is friendly, resource-efficient, often led by young adults with good safeguarding policies in place. They provide warm clothing, bedding, food and medical assistance to refugees. They also offer social support and interaction, including language lessons and sports opportunities.

This has given us an idea… Could 3Generate practically help the refugees? Lots of people at 3Generate will be taking sleeping bags to use during the weekend. If you are over 18, would you be willing to donate your sleeping bag to those in need? Would you be willing to leave your sleeping bag at Pontins? If so, could you leave it in the designated area near reception on the Sunday morning? Nigel will then collect them all and take them to France as a gift from 3Generate to the refugees. The plan would be to do this asap after 3Generate so we get the sleeping bags to the refugees before the worst of the winter weather arrives. Many thanks. For more information, please email Nigel

3Generate App – don't delay, download today! 

Wouldn’t it be great to:

  • view the programme, in any place, at any time…
  • create your own personalised schedule…
  • have a map of the site that you can even see in the dark…

Well, now you can!

We have created a really simple App for 3Generate 2018, which is available on the Apple iOS App Store for iPhones and on Google Play for android phones. Once you’ve downloaded it, the App doesn’t require Wi-Fi or data to use.

Download it before the event and let everyone in your group know so they can download it too!

3G18 App

Sneak Peek


The programme is now online!!! (There may be a few tweaks between now and the event.) The site map is on our Forms page.

Open Mic - with contributions from some of our artists, and hopefully some of you, this should be a time for talent to shine! Our Open Mic session in The Stage venue starts at 7pm on Saturday. If your young people have a talent to share – a song, a tune, a joke, a poem - then please encourage them to come prepared and join in!


Timed tickets will be available to order for the Life Exhibition and for a selection of activities until 11pm on Thursday 22 November - please go to Eventbrite to book your free tickets. Tickets can either be printed or shown on the Eventbrite App.

We are delighted that we’ve been able to add an additional swimming session from 5.15-6.15pm on Saturday, some additional tickets for the climbing wall and we have added tickets for the Beach Volleyball sessions at 2pm or 3pm (weather permitting).


  • 5-a-side football
  • climbing wall
  • tricky bike trail
  • swimming
  • beach volleyball
  • timed entry to the games room

Click here to download the separate flyer for the sports and outdoor programme in the Physical Space.

SP Project - Sean Pickering (external link) - Sean is returning to 3Generate again this year to DJ on Saturday night at the Silent Disco. He heads up the SP Project, a Christian music and creative arts outreach project.


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