Chaplaincy contacts

General Inquiries 

Chaplaincy Officer
Matthew Reed or 07972 137019


Specialist Areas

(Some of the contacts below work as part of the Methodist Connexional Team, others are external officers who work in partnership with the Church)

Armed Forces Chaplaincy
Secretary of the Forces Board

Higher Education Chaplaincy
Matthew Reed (07972 137019)
Also see Education chaplains

Further Education Chaplaincy
Meg Prowting (07891 873372)
Also see  Education chaplains

Schools Chaplaincy
Barbara Easton (020 7467 5249)
Also see  Education chaplains

Healthcare Chaplaincy (Free Churches Group)
Revd Meg Burton (079 7659 7971)
Also see Healthcare chaplains

Prison Chaplaincy (Free Churches Group)
Revd Bob Wilson (020 3651 8336)
Also see Prison chaplains

Workplace Chaplaincy
Revd Alan Robson (01522 681655)
Also see Workplace chaplains

Agricultural & Rural Chaplaincy
Elizabeth Clarke (024 7685 3081)

Chaplaincy to Older People (MHA)
Chris Swift (01332 221875)

New Forms of Chaplaincy 
Matthew Reed (07972 137019)

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