Further Resources

Chaplaincy Essentials

A flexible training resource for new and more experienced chaplains.

You can download the Chaplaincy Essentials course below. All units are in PDF format.

Chaplaincy Essentials: Introduction

Unit 1  : Being a guest
Unit 2  : Knowing where you are
Unit 3  : Knowing who you are
Unit 4  : The Chaplain and the Church
Unit 5  : Listening and caring
Unit 6  : Chaplaincy - prophecy and presence

Beyond Essentials


Sacred Presence and Ethical Challenge

Six short, specially-commissioned essays about the effect on the Churches, and especially the Methodist Church, of the coming of the First World War and what has happened since.

Download Sacred Presence and Ethical Challenge (PDF)


Resources from Cliff Summer School

In August 2016 the Learning Network partnered with Cliff College in order to deliver the first ever Chaplaincy stream at Cliff Summer School.

Below are some resources developed/used to support the course:

Session notes

Session 2: New Forms of Chaplaincy Notes

Session 9: A Community Vocation Presentation Script

Session 9: A Community Vocation Presentation (notes pages)

Personal vocation

Personal SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Resources) exercise

Appreciative interview exercise


Casino Chaplaincy - A Theological Reflection 

Case Study: Town Centre Chaplaincy

Case Study: Nightclub Chaplaincy

Case Study: Fire Service Chaplaincy

Discovering Our Communities

The following is a list of links, recommended during the course:

The Theos-publiished book by Ben Ryan, A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK

Two Reports from CUF and Livability: Fullness of Life Together and Building Kingdom Communities

Ready, Steady, Go from the Cinnamon Network

The Interfaith Week Toolkit


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