Godly Play

The Heart of Godly Play

Creating Sacred Space

Building and working in community

Learning religious language

Using religious language to make meaning

A Godly Play session includes a time to:-

  • get ready
  • tell a story using objects and artefacts
  • explore the story more with open questions and discussion
  • respond with a free choice using  a variety of materials - art… silence… play…writing…
  • enjoy a simple feast and sharing

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What courses can I take in Godly Play?

Godly Play courses vary in depth and detail

  • Simple taster sessions
  • One day introductions (often in a special Godly Play room)
  • Development days (practise some story telling skills, learn a story together, explore a set of stories and make some materials)
  • Accredited 3 day core module: provides essential training in Godly Play theory and practice. For details click '3 day courses' on home page
  • Accredited Enrichment modules/courses taking people further who have completed the 3 day core module or who have significant experience of Godly Play. For details see Where?

Who are the courses for?  Anyone can attend any of these courses - clergy, children's or youth workers (volunteer or employed), school teachers, parents, members of other faiths/none.

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