Environment and Climate Change


It is the task of God's people to listen to the prophetic voices in our midst and to change direction, to take action, to do something.

The Revd Sonia Hicks, President of the Methodist Conference, 2021-22

Acknowledging the climate crisis, at the 2021 Methodist Conference an aspirational target of becoming a net zero emissions Church by 2030 was agreed. 


How will we achieve this?

Through forging key partnerships at every level of the Church we can together make progress towards net zero. These partnerships include:

  • For Churches, circuits and districts A Rocha UK which offers pathways through their award systems, Eco Church and Eco Congregation in Scotland.
  • Action for Hope. For the Connexional team and the wider Church, Faith Long Term Plans from Faith Invest provides a structured and achievable set of goals. Three categories have been selected - faith consistent use of assets, wisdom and lifestyles. Find out about these here. More updates will follow on this soon.

Read the full report from the Methodist Conference 2021 here.

How will we measure this?

Accepting the need to be able to measure progress, the Conference directed that the Annual Property Checklist be updated to include steps taken on reducing carbon footprints.  In addition, District Mission Plans will be required to include ways to achieve this ambitious target.

Where are you on the journey?

We hope that churches and individuals will find these pages useful. Each church is at a different stage of this journey. Our resources have been sorted to reflect this.

Early steps:

If you are ready to take action consider:


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