Ethical investment

Methodist funds are managed by the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church (CFB) in line with ethical principles. By acting as shareholders of major companies the CFB can influence decisions and vote in shareholder meetings. This provides Methodists with a powerful voice at the heart of economic life in one of the world's most important financial centres.

The Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (JACEI) sets the ethical investment principles under which the CFB works. JACEI, is made up of five people nominated by the CFB and five by the Methodist Council.

The CFB has long been concerned about global warming with its first policy produced in 2009 alongside the publication of Hope in God’s Future, a Methodist report which became a statement of the Methodist Conference. It commits the CFB to working for lower carbon emissions across portfolios.

A policy on climate change and power generation, commits the CFB to assessing carbon intensity and avoiding exposure to coal-fired power stations.

The CFB’s third policy looks at the ethical implications of different fuel types: avoiding significant exposure to coal and tar sands production and avoiding investing in companies wholly focused on finding new carbon assets.

For more information on the CFB’s approach to ethical investment in relation to tackling climate change visit the CFB website here.

Updates on investment decisions:

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