Energy Management Tools

a) Occupancy Profile

How to complete the building occupancy

  • First list the main areas of the site, these should be separated into areas where lighting or heating is controlled
  • Then, for each day of the week, record the times when it is occupied

Estimate if the area is fully or partially occupied

  • List the unoccupied periods

Use the occupancy schedule to

  • Check that any timer schedules match this unoccupied period
  • Control heating, cooling and lighting

Download the Occupancy Profile template (pdf)


b) Key Cost Reduction Check List

Download the Key Cost Reduction Check List template (pdf)


c) Survey Check List

Begin by taking meter readings. Then move through the building noting where energy saving actions are/are not being undertaken. The goal is to note areas where energy could be saved by making changes to day to day operation.

Download the Survey Check List template  (pdf)


d) Low Cost Replacement Check List

Whilst looking at the Good Housekeeping actions that could save energy you should consider the appliances and plant and
their replacement or maintenance. Are they operating efficiently? When they were last maintained? When will they need
replacing? Are they low energy appliances? Could they be replaced with lower energy consuming versions?

Download the Low Cost Replacement Check List (pdf)


e) Controls, Timers and Switches Record Sheet

Use this sheet to record the details of timers and switches and operations that will help achieve the energy savings measures outlined in the 'CO2 Reduction Opportunities' section - these may change over time.

Download the Controls, Timers and Switches Record Sheet template (pdf)

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